The Technology of Home Theater Projectors and Systems - Info and FAQs

January 31, 2012

/ By Art Feierman

Index of Home Theater Projector Questions

Index of Questions

What is the Rainbow Effect

Who is Affected, What are the Issues?

The Screen Door Effect

What is It? When is it an Issue?

Projector Lamp Life and Brightness

What is typical, what you should know

Home Theater Projector Brightness, Zoom lenses and Throw Distances

Where you place your projector can matter a great deal, with some projectors with lots of zoom range, placing the home theater projector close can mean almost twice as bright an image as placing the projector much further back.

Dealing With HDMI and Multiple HDMI Sources

Trying to figure out your wiring and switching? Limited switching on most AV Receivers may leave you an HDMI input or two, short. Consider your options

HDMI 1.3a and Deep Color

Do you need Deep Color, what's it mean, when will there be Deep Color content..

Shelf Mounting your next Home Theater Projector

Frame Interpolation is a new Home Theater projector buzzword - The feature is designed to reduce motion blur. What's it all mean?

Coming Soon:

Ceiling Mounting

Gray screens vs. white

High Contrast Screens vs normal

High Gain Screens

Dynamic Irises? fast slow, what do they accomplish, mixed scenes, vs dark scenes

Calibrating Your Projector Part 1. Do I have to? Part 2: Using a consumer disc? which etc. Part 3: A professional calibrator?

How much better is Blu-ray compared to DVD

"Blu-ray" buy the damn thing now!

Why buy an upscaling DVD player? When you can buy Blu-ray?

How much better is HDTV compared to TV (for those without larger HDTV sets or PJ/s also, Same but for those with.

Evenness of illumination - 3LCD, vs DLP vs LCoS

Overall brightness - SMPTE ft-lamberts

Where to sit / choosing the screen size - theater like experience - middle or back of theater?

Letterboxing, proportions, 4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1

Cinemascope - will there be chips? DLP, LCOS 3LCD

Cinemascope - what are the issues, screens, masking screens, anamorphic lenses

Anamorphic lenses - all about - what about more lumens because all pixels are used?

Definative lens shift article include distortion, light leakage, impact on brightness

Exploding lamps? Lamps as a "green" problem?

Black levels, equalization and shadow detail - why some projectors have more shadow detail, despite shitty black levels - arts 2cents

dust blogs and sealed light paths

Is best mode important, or can you be happy, with a brighter - "next best" mode. The answer is, are you a purist, or just want to enjoy!

Projectors for Gaming - DLP vs LCD, etc. speed? motion blur

Motion Blur - the issue? is it significant?

Bright like a plasma - bright projectors and smaller screens? gray?

Placing a projector

Long length hdmi cabling, extenders, wireless solutions

Article or faq on outdoor usage of projectors, all-in-ones

Add LCoS to 3LCD vs DLP

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