BenQ HT6050 Home Theater Projector Review - Picture Quality 2

November 17, 2016

/ By Art Feierman

BenQ HT6050 Projector Review - Picture Quality 2: Sports and HDTV viewing, Overall Picture Quality This page summarizes my impressions from using the BenQ HT6050 extensively for viewing sports and other HDTV content (streaming too), as well as our overall assessment of the viewing experience based on the picture quality and color accuracy. Note that, as in all of our 1080p projector reviews, the photos of the projected images have been resized to only 1000 pixels wide (not 1080p's 1920 pixels wide), and of course heavily compressed (Photoshop's Save for Web mode), so the photos are not remotely as sharp as the actual projected image, a touch noisier and dynamic range is somewhat compressed. [sam_pro id=1_35 codes="true"]  

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