BenQ MW535A WXGA Business Projector Review – Special Features

September 27, 2018

/ By Chris Kahl

BenQ MW535A WXGA Business Projector Review – Special Features: Universal Multi HDMI & VGA Connectivity, One-Touch Access to Install Functions, Eco Cycle System, Wall Color

Universal Multi HDMI & VGA Connectivity

BenQ MW535A Universal Connectivity HDMI and VGA

The BenQ MW535A WXGA Business Projector offers a convenient dual HDMI, dual VGA input layout.  These connectors are designed in a way that allows multiple computers or other HD devices such as BluRay players, media servers etc, to be connected at once.  By having duplicate HDMI and VGA ports, a presenter has the option of giving an engaging multimedia presentation, or multiple participants can collaborate instantly without the need for adapters and IT support.

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One-Touch Access to Install Functions


The remote control included with the BenQ MW535A WXGA projector has a dedicated Quick Install button, which displays a menu with three options:  Test Pattern, Projector Installation, and Keystone.  Test Pattern displays a smaller menu which allows the user to toggle the test pattern on and off.  The test pattern that displays here is a black background with a bright white grid, which allows for a precision fit to any screen, and for quick focus.  Then we have the Projector Installation Menu, which gives four options for the setup location of the projector: Front Table, Rear Table, Front Ceiling, and Rear Ceiling.  Finally, we have Keystone, which opens a sub-menu to adjust the vertical keystone, allowing for square corners on the projected image.

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Eco Cycle System

The BenQ MW535A WXGA Business Projector does a great job at conserving electricity with it’s Eco Cycle System.  SmartEco mode determines the brightness required for optimal color and contrast, while conserving up to 70% of lamp power; when I used this mode, I did not detect any drop in brightness.  Eco Blank Mode initiates automatically after three minutes of inactivity when no source content is present.  The MW535A will automatically power down after 20 minutes of inactivity; this saves energy and increases the lamp life.  When in standby mode, this projector uses only 0.5 Watts of power.  That’s energy real savings!

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Wall Color

Found in the Display Menu, the first option is Wall Color.  Wall Color adjusts the color output of the BenQ MW535A WXGA Business Projector to compensate for a surface that isn’t white.  The options are Light Yellow, Pink, Light Green, Blue, and Blackboard.  The MW535A is designed for small meeting spaces, which may not have a screen readily available, so this is an extremely convenient option to have.  Teachers will find the Blackboard option is convenient for their classrooms, as it allows the projector to be used directly on their blackboard.

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