BenQ SU931 Large Venue Projector Review -- Special Features

July 8, 2016

/ By Art Feierman

BenQ SU931 Large Venue Projector Review -- Special Features: Optics, Audio, Networking, MHL 

Being a budget projector for conference rooms and small auditoriums, you wouldn’t expect the SU931 to be chock full of innovative features. But, it has its share of forward thinking items, including an extraordinarily large optical range that allows you a good deal of freedom when setting it up and framing a screen.

At a wide range of 1.6:1, for instance, it’s easy to get the SU931’s framing just right. The projector can fill a 10-foot screen with the projector set up anywhere between 9- and 14.5-feet away. It tops out at a 25-foot image. On the downside, unlike most projectors in its class, the SU931 does not have removable lenses that suit different room geometries.

For those that don't need longer or shorter throw lenses, the good news is that projectors without interchangeable lenses inherently cost far less than other projectors that do, but otherwise have similar feature sets.  -ed.

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