Casio Ecolite XJ-V110W LED/Laser Projector Review - Performance

June 11, 2016

/ By Jennifer Stringfellow

ECOLITE XJ-V110W PROJECTOR REVIEW - PERFORMANCE:  Brightness, Audible Noise, Image Noise Again, I want to mention that we measured the Casio's brightness after allowing at least 20 minutes after power up.  This is due to learning that the Casio's LED/Laser light engine (like many solid state light engines, tends to be at its brightest just seconds after power up.  This way, we report on the brightness you can expect through an entire session, not merely the brightest measurement we could obtain. Also, please remember that we measured with the 1.5:1 zoom at mid point.  So, when comparing measurements, vs. manufacturer claims, please be aware that at full wide angle on the zoom (allowing the closest placement to the screen) expect roughly an additional 8-10% more brightness.  And of course, if you have to mount as far back as possible, zooming to the other end of the range, expect another 10-15% drop in brightness.

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