Casio Ecolite XJ-V110W LED/Laser Projector Review - Summary

June 11, 2016

/ By Jennifer Stringfellow

CASIO XJ-V110W PROJECTOR REVIEW - SUMMARY:  Basics, Picture and Performance Wrap-Up, Conclusion OK, I get it.  This is Casio's value WXGA projector.  Casio has a large line-up of solid state projectors (they don't make any lamp based models), and they claim the largest market share in terms of solid state projectors (not counting those pico projectors (under 100 lumens) which are low cost toys. Naturally, because it is their lowest cost model, it will have less features than their three more expensive series of projectors. The XJ-V110W has a few great things going for it, especially at the price.  Let's face it, a solid state, long life light engine instead of having to replace bulbs every so often, makes great sense, and drastically reduces costs associated with long term operation.

This award indicates a very good projector, but one that could be a best choice for only a small segment of the market.

So a $799 WXGA with 20,000 light engine, would seem to be a projector I really could serve up a serious award or two at, the best it could earn was our Special Interest award. The performance of the projector overall, and the cost proposition are both very good, but Casio's decision to not include just a few minor features, limits the acceptance of this projector. Let's run though these, first, for, if you truly need one of those features, this won't be the best projector for your application.  Consider:

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