Casio Ecolite XJ-V110W - A Value LED/Laser Projector - Review

June 11, 2016

/ By Jennifer Stringfellow

Casio's V series is all about bright, affordable solid state projectors.  The Ecolite XJ-V110W is WXGA and offers 3500 lumens for $799, with a 20,000 LED/Laser light engine.

Although the flagship of the five Casio projectors in this series, the XJ-V110W still has to be considered a no-frills projector.  It's all about delivering a bright image, with a long life LED/Laser engine at a low cost.  Seriously, if you want solid state, and under $1000 other than Casio, you are looking at those "pico" projectors - really pocket and large pocket projectors, where under $1000 you aren't likely to find one with more than 800 lumens.  That makes this Casio at least four times as bright, and with comparable brightness to competing lamp based projectors.  Delivering a no-lamp, long life solution at a bargain price does have it's costs, however, in terms of features.

Editor's note:  Although this review is listed as one of mine (Art), I had help.  The review was started by Bill Livosi, who provided a major assist.  Bill started with the projector, and handled doing all the Casio measurements.  He  also provided about 1/3 of the content within, although I have done some editing and rearranging of his work.

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