Casio XJ-UT351WN Ultra Short Throw Projector Review

April 26, 2017

/ By Nikki Zelinger

The Casio XJ-UT351WN is a rare breed, as it is an ultra short throw projector (UST) that uses a solid state light engine - LED and laser combination instead of a lamp. This provides some competitive advantages over most other business and education projectors - lamp based ones.  The Casio’s rated “lamp life” is up to 20,000 hours – that’s 3 to 6 times longer than your typical lamp will last. You will pay an extra few hundred dollars for the XJ-UT351WN up front, for that solid state light engine, but will not need multiple lamp replacements. This could save heaps of money over time, assuming this Casio projector is heavily used.

The XJ-UT351WN has a good feature set, reasonably loud built-in speakers, good networking support, low maintenance and great picture quality. Claiming 3,500 lumens, this is a business and education projector that is ideal for conference rooms and classrooms with quite a bit of ambient light, or moderate light and very large screens.

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