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Welcome to our Custom Integration Page. This page is focused on the information you need to choose the right components for your particular application and ensure an effective install/set up of a projection system.

Custom Integration Featured Articles

Sony VPL-XW5000ES Premium Home Theater Article

Several factors separate a good viewing experience from a truly premium one. In this month’s featured article, sponsored by Sony, we look at their VPL-XW5000ES projector. The XW5000ES offers a premium projected image for less money than you might expect! Start the new year off right by upgrading your home theater system.

Visit The ArticleMany Video Enthusiasts Still Choose Projectors

In this article, sponsored by Sony, we discuss why projectors continue to be a viable option for those looking for high-quality video in massive sizes.

Visit The ArticleLG Business Solutions Projectors

In this article, brought to you by LG, we highlight four reasons to consider an LG ProBeam projector for your next business projector purchase: a variety of options, high-quality images, advanced smart features, and placement flexibility.

Visit The ArticleThe Sony Design Philosophy - Projector Reviews Images

In this article, sponsored by Sony, we discuss the four key elements Sony includes in their projector designs to bring you some of the best picture quality available in the projection market today,

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Custom Integration Report

In this report, sponsored by Sony, we provide you with the information you need features and technologies to ensure that you choose the right components and products for your specific application.

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The projector is the centerpiece of a successful set up, but there are so many options, how do you choose the one that is right for your particular application? In this section we help explain the different technologies and use cases for each, hopefully helping to make the decision easier.

This article, sponsored by Sony, focused on things that enhance the customers’ viewing and user experience that are often overlooked when reading a spec sheet. However, they are a big factor in why projectors focused on custom integration command a premium price.

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Explore the pros and cons of the three most popular projector imaging technologies: Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS). 

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Look at the differences between lamps, lasers, and LED, the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and understand which light source could best suit your application.

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Take an in-depth look at projector resolution and how to get the most out of you projection system by choosing the right resolution for your application.

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Understand how the performance of your projector’s lens can be improved by understanding its capabilities and how the the lens can impact the quality of the projected image.

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Choosing the right screen for the right application can take the viewing experience from good to great! There are several considerations when choosing a screen — here are some articles to help with that process.

Other Things to Consider

Although the projector and screen are certainly important to a great viewing experience, there are other details you need to keep in mind.

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