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Epson Brightlink Pro 1430Wi Projector Review - Special Features 1

Posted on February 4, 2015 by Art Feierman
EPSON BRIGHTLINK PRO 1430WI PROJECTOR – SPECIAL FEATURES:  Control Pad, Ultra Short Throw, Wired Networking, Wireless Networking, Whiteboard Storage, Split Screen Display, and DICOM SIM Support

Control Pad

Epson 1430Wi - Control Pad

The Epson Brightlink Pro 1430Wi comes with a Control Pad that would typically be mounted next to the the whiteboard.  It’s mentioned in the hardware tour section of this review.  It provides an elegant solution to connectivity and control for a projector that is normally going to be mounted out of reach.

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Ultra Short Throw

There are multiple advantages (and a couple of disadvantages) to ultra short throw projector designs.  Here we’ll consider most of them and how they relate do the 1430Wi.

The key “feature” of ultra short throw is that it mounted right above the projection surface.  The benefit of that is it keeps the bright output of the projector out of the presenters eyes.  With a traditional, non-interactive projector that may not be a big deal, as the person speaking may not need to be near the screen, but for interactivity, being “right there” is critical.

Mounting right above the projection surface provides security (compared to table top), but it also typically means a simpler, less expensive installation than is typical of longer throw projectors.  Being an ultra short throw projector (as compared to a very short throw projector, means the projector is mounted only a few inches out from the wall.  Very short throw projectors are typically 30 – 48 inches from the wall, which means a lot harder for the presenter to dodge the projector’s bright light.

I must also note that the 1430Wi is supplied with the necessary hardware to allow it to be simply placed on a table top, but this is not the preferred mounting arrangement for this type of projector.

Wired Networking

This Epson Brightlink Pro 1430Wi – and the other variations in the BrightLink Pro series, offer impressive networking.  For large networking installations, such as a corporation with these projectors in 50 conference rooms, these Epson projectors look extremely well endowed.  Thanks to supporting advanced networking such as Crestron RoomView, a network administrator, can receive emails or alerts should any of these projectors have a problem.  Need a lamp replaced?  A filter changed? The Epson can let the powers-that-be know.  But networking goes in both directions.

With these Brightlink Pro projectors you can present off of IP – that is, you might run a Powerpoint presentation that sits on the network, without it being on a computer.  Or, the network administrator can take control of the projectors.  The classic example of push notifications might be for an emergency.  A network administrator could turn on every one of these projectors in their facilities, in an emergency situation, and have all of the projectors display pushed messages such as:  Hurricane threatening, office will close at 1pm today.  In a corporate world, a network administrator can keep an eye on a fleet of projectors scattered across the country.

We’ve taken a few photos of the key menus relating to the Brightlink Pro projector’s networking.  You’ll be able to find those images with the occasional comment, in the Menus section of our Brightlink Pro 1430Wi Hardware Tour pages.

Wireless Networking

Epson provides a small wireless networking dongle for use with the 1430Wi. When one removes the cable cover to plug in sources and other devices, it takes but a second to plug the dongle into its port, that is to the side of the other signal ports.  The supplied wireless module that supports 802.11 b/g/n wireless networks.  Once installed, the wireless networking is easy to configure.  It was able to immediately spot our wifi network here, and upon verification, start communicating though that network.  Wifi can be used to interface with wifi equipped computers, iOS and Android mobile devices, and more.


Whiteboard Storage

There is no need to transcribe whiteboard notes or take a photo; press a button to save, email or print directly from the BrightLink Pro 1430Wi.

You can  save up to 50 digital pages; no need to erase for more space, just add a new page.

Split Screen Display

This is a great feature for video conferencing where you can use the Split Screen to simultaneously display people from both conference sites side by side.   Other uses include displaying content from two different sources (e.g., two PCs) at the same time.

Collaboration Support

The BrightLink Pro 1430Wi supports multi-user collaboration and with a recent update (June 2015) its capabilities have been expanded.

The 1430Wi allows 16 devices to interface with it simultaneously, that could be other 1430Wi’s, tablets, smart phones, and computers.  It was for local, and long distance collaboration that Epson really expanded the 1430Wi, compared to the very, very, similar Brightlink 595Wi.
People around the country or world over the appropriate networking (nothing tricky) can make changes to what the 1430Wi's are displaying.  Setup one 1430Wi in each of four offices, and people in those offices, or elsewhere can write on the white boards, or, in general take control.
When we initially reviewed the 1430Wi, a total of four (including the one you are using) of the 16 interfaced devices could be a Brightlink 1430Wi or 1420Wi.  Epson has informed us (June 2015) just ahead of Infocomm 2015, that they have expanded the collaboration abilities so that up to 16 different 1430’s (or 1420's) can now work together!
Collaboration can include video conferencing, making this a very powerful collaboration system, rather than just “another” interactive projector.

DICOM Simulation Mode

In addition to the usual picture modes, 1430Wi has included  DICOM SIM mode intended for displaying images approximating the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) Part 14 Grayscale Standard Display Function used with B/W medical imaging (such as X-rays).  This mode optimizes black/gray/white detail with a custom gamma curve.  This mode on the 1430Wi is only intended for medical education and training purposes.

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