Epson HC5040UB, PC6040UB Review - Picture Quality

August 11, 2016

/ By Art Feierman

HOME CINEMA 5040UB / PRO CINEMA 6040UB PICTURE QUALITY:  "Out of the Box", Skin Tones, Sports and HDTV

There are many elements to overall picture quality.  In this section we'll cover how these Epsons perform "right out of the box," discuss the different picture modes and show you photos of how they differ.  Also covered are how well the projector does on skin tones, and separately, a discussion of black level performance, and dark shadow detail.

And there is a section on viewing sports and other HDTV, as well as one for Overall Picture Quality.  If you've gotten this far, you already have learned a good bit about the Epsons' 4K content handling capabilities, and also pixel shifting. Naturally we have some additional images here to better paint the picture of how much difference 4K content - and pixel shifting can make to your viewing experience...

And as an added bonus, the Sony VPL-VW365ES arrived for review, so I'll shoot those same images with a true 4K projector for comparison, and get them up as well.  Don't, of course expect the Epson to do 4K content as well as the true 4K Sony, of course.  The big question is, how close can it come, for 1/5th the price?

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