Epson Home Cinema 3700 Projector Review - Special Features

February 14, 2017

/ By Art Feierman

HOME CINEMA 3700 PROJECTOR - SPECIAL FEATURES:  Image Enhancement Capabilities, CFI, Powerful speakers, Lens Shift, 3D, 3 Power modes, HDMI-Link, User Memories Image Enhancement Features The HC3700 has plenty of image controls.  Beyond the usual sharpness, and other standard tools Epson serves up their Super-Resolution, and also Detail Enhancement which does a variety of detail enhancement techniques to provide a higher level of perceived detail and sharpness.  There are multiple controls you can adjust within Super-Resolution and two more adjustment features in Detail Enhancement. But, of even greater interest, is the menu item that is labeled Image Enhancement which offers up five different Image enhancement settings or Off.  Best I can figure, these presets pull from multiple techniques including those in Super-Resolution, and Detail enhancement. The point is, I haven't been bothering to  fool with Super-Res etc., anymore instead just choosing between the different Image Enhancement settings. There's plenty of difference.  I would say, overall, setting 2 does an impressive job of enhancing the image, but if you really want more perceived sharpness/detail, try 4.  It can be slightly over the top at times, but other times it really impresses.  The difference in perceived sharpness (and to a lesser degree, detail), is instantly noticeable, and dramatic, compared to off. Although 3LCD (or LCoS) projectors inherently have some misalignment between their three panels, giving single chip DLP a slight edge in native sharpness, a lot of advanced processing can make this Epson seem noticeably sharper than most DLP projectors as well, with relatively minor artifacts, relative to old basic sharpness and edge sharpness controls. [sam_pro id=1_50 codes="true"]  

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