Epson Home Cinema 4000 Home Theater Projector Review

July 30, 2017 / By Art Feierman

With an official list price of only $2199, and a $1999 street price, the Epson Home Cinema 4000 projector accepts 4K content, including HDR and support for BT.2020.  That makes it tie for the lowest cost 4K capable projector currently shipping.  The Epson HC4000 is a native 1080p pixel shifting projector that's 4K capable. The least expensive true 4K projector is "merely" $7995, or about 4X the price!  There will be more specific talk regarding the competition later in the review.

A couple of things to note, as I start writing up the HC4000 review.  This projector has siblings, three of them.  One of them, is, to the best of my knowledge, the best selling over $2000 home theater projector, and likely by a huge margin.  That would be Epson's 5040UB (I have one of those hanging from my theater ceiling).

The HC4000 is Epson's way of reaching folks with lesser budgets, who will settle for just a little less performance. The 5040UB sells for $500 more.

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