Epson LightScene EV-100 Laser Projector Review - Summary

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Phil Jones

Epson LightScene EV-100 Laser Projector Review – Summary: Highlights, Value Proposition, Pros & Cons


What makes the Epson LightScene EV-100 an innovative product is that it doesn’t look like a projector. Unlike the boxy design of most commercial projectors, the EV-100’s “track light” design and small form factor helps it blend seamlessly into shops, restaurants and museums.
There is more to the LightScene EV-100 then just its unique form factor, it is designed to produce a great looking picture. In order to deliver up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation, the EV-100 uses a laser light engine capable of delivering 2,000 lumens. Since the EV-100 is an Epson 3LCD projectors, it produces as many color lumens as it does white lumens, which ensures a bright, vibrant image in applications such as restaurants, retail locations, museums and art galleys.

Epson Content Management software can be used with the EV-100 to create unique effects. For example, you can create a customized shape filter using a logo and then combine it with a video source. Use the EV-100 to spotlight a product then switch to projecting a feature video. A single EV-100 can be used to replace a Gobo, spot light and projector.
The EV-100 can provide a designer with many possibilities especially when used in groups. Utilize a couple of EV-100 to highlight product displays while several others can be edge blended to provide a large dramatic backdrop.
Its stealthy appearance combined with the installation flexibility, makes the Epson EV-100 a truly unique commercial laser projector solution. It would take several pages to cover all the different scenarios where an architect or designer could utilize the projector’s unique design and feature set.

Value Propostion

Epson is a leader in the projection marketplace. Their current projector lineup includes several dozen models intended for commercial, education and consumer applications but Epson is always looking for ways to provide new solutions to their customers and further expand the projector market. One growth opportunity is digital signage for which the EV-100 designed. This projector was developed to fit the specific needs/desires of architects, retail designers and product marketers. For these customers, cosmetics matter as much as performance, flexibility and resolution.

While most laser projectors at the EV-100’s price point offer double the brightness, they are designed for classrooms and conference rooms. The EV-100 is the only laser projector under $3500 that offers power focus/zoom along with commercial features like edge blending. The EV-100 form factor combined with its feature set makes it a unicorn among projectors. While it is hard to classify, the most applicable classification I can make would be to call it a compact commercial Laser projector.

As a short comparison of the Epson vs. direct competition (other compact laser projectors) the Epson has:

  • Unique form factor – the compact spotlight design easily blends into its surroundings
  • Edge blending – combine multiple EV-100s to project a larger seamless image
  • Power focus and zoom – easily adjust image size and clarity of the projector from a distance
  • Epson Projector Content Manager – easily combine photo and videos with shape and color filters to make videos, logos and graphics more visually appealing
  • Spotlight Mode – use the EV-100 to project a virtual spotlight onto an object.

There are laser projectors at this price point that offer more brightness and resolution but none of them would blend into a retail environment, museum or restaurant like the EV-100. If your goal is to create engaging visual signage or retail experiences and you don’t want a big bulky commercial projector hanging from the ceiling, the EV-100’s unique form factor makes it worthy of consideration.


  • Unique Track light design blends into retail or hotel environments
  • 2,000 lumens (color and white)
  • Improved contrast by using laser light engine as “dynamic iris”
    • Capable of pure black output on black (empty) frames
  • Edge Blending, Projection Mapping for digital signage, museums, and other multi-projector display applications
  • Programmable playlists and effects (shape and color filters)
  • Powerful apps, supporting software
    • iProjection to access and present content wirelessly or from playlists stored on an embedded SD Card
    • Multi-PC Moderator for projecting up to four sources at once
    • Epson Projector Management to check projector status remotely
    • Easy-MP Updater for updating the firmware over LAN
  • Brightness can be adjusted in 1% increments from full power down to 30%
  • Quiet mode reduces audible noise for quiet environments
  • Powering on or off takes only a few seconds
  • Projector assembly unit can be adjusted to project at any angle
  • Optional track mount and floor stand
  • 3-year parts/labor warranty (3-year overnight replacement program)


  • No 3D capability
    • It can be used in a stacked solution, using two projectors with polarized filters
  • No support for HDR (HDR10 or HLG)
  • No control panel on chassis
  • Limited connectivity (only one HDMI)

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