Epson LS100 Projector Summary, page 2

November 9, 2017

/ By Art Feierman

Epson LS100 Summary Page 2: Pros and Cons

Epson LS100 beauty shot
Epson's Home Cinema LS100 - 4000 lumens, UST, with Laser Light Engine

Below are our lists of pros and cons.  Most are mentioned within the review, but a few are items not touched on earlier in the review - perhaps because some are obvious, others just don't need explanations.

Final thought - at the end of the day, it always comes down to, not "which is the best projector?" but "Which projector is the best choice for me, my budget, my room, my viewing preferences!"

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Epson LS100 Laser Projector - Pros

  • Blazingly bright, works in almost any room
  • Excellent color
  • Multiple picture modes
  • Split Screen mode (side by side images from two sources - cool!
  • Laser light engine for long life, consistent color and brightness
  • Ultra short throw design – sits inches from screen– takes up minimum space, convenient
    People don’t walk between projector and screen
  • Image Enhancement modes to improve perceived sharpness and detail
  • A very solid gaming projector with under 40ms input lag!
    And more than bright enough for darker games
  • Works best in brighter rooms with light rejecting screens designed for UST projectors
  • Lots of inputs
    Multiple HDMI and USB inputs
    Opening for cables in "back" of projector, closest to screen to minimize "cable clutter"
  • Built in media player
  • Wired, and wireless networking capability, MHL support on HDMI for mobile devices
  • Freeze button and AV Mute for convenience
  • Sleep modes
  • Respectable sound from internal speaker system (no substitute for a good home surround sound system of course)
  • Reasonably quiet in eco mode
  • Extremely good warranty – 2 years parts and labor, with rapid replacement program for both years!
  • Easy to move outside or to other rooms – ie. for summer movie night under the stars
  • Very good menu system
  • Overall, well priced vs competition for a laser UST projector

Epson LS100 - Cons

Too bright for a really dark home theater environment

Black level performance is marginal, but that’s normal for bright room projectors

No CFI for smooth motion

No support for 3D

Remote control not backlit –
Of course, a projector this bright doesn’t need the lights off, still..

One of the noisier home entertainment projectors around when at full power
Fair enough, it’s super bright because it comes from the dark side – has a business projector heritage

Does not accept 4K content
That’s fair: The most affordable shipping UST laser projector supporting 4K cost $3000 more – twice the price (Dell)
4K Blu-ray players will downscale to 1080p)


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