Epson LS10000 vs JVC DLA-RS6710 Performance, 1080p vs 4K

September 9, 2015 / By Art Feierman
Let's get back to basics for the moment, things like brightness and basic feature sets.  But then for the fun, as well display both projectors tackling 4K content.  Understand that we will show you 4K images from videos that are not copy protected so you can see how both projectors perform. I was able to obtain non HDCP 2.2 copy protected content from both Sony and Epson. The additional content that is HDCP 2.2 copy protected was provided by Sony, via the 4K download service.   Note, overall, you'll find that the JVC images look like their colors are oversaturated compared to the Epson.  That's a bit of setup and photographic differences.  The tendency of the Epson when captured was a bit pale compared to the image on screen. We have reported in the past that LED or Laser based projectors tend to photograph a bit differently than lamp ones.  The only setting I ever adjust for these photo shoots, is the saturation, trying to get it acceptable, as it's often too much.  In this case, the JVC is a bit too strong, the Epson, too weak on saturation.  Unfortunately I didn't get to set up a side by side shoot where I get more consistent results. The JVC of course, will be able to show non-copy protected content, and that can include  your own hi resolution photography (we're talking about 9 mega-pixel and higher) and your videos. [sam_pro id=1_68 codes="true"]
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