Epson PowerLite 108 Projector Review - Summary

April 5, 2018 / By Art Feierman

Epson PowerLite 108 Projector Review – Summary: Summary, Pros, Cons


At $599, I love the Epson PowerLite 108 for any school!  Especially for those on a budget, you are getting a projector that while not top of the line as far as picture quality goes, is not far off, and the 108 has the brightness and image performance to handle even the sunniest of classroom environments with little issue.

Having measured in only 5% less than the manufacturer’s claim of 3700 lumens, the PowerLite 108’s 3500 lumens in Dynamic mode should allow for a solid performance in most lighting situations. Not only will the image come through clear, but thanks to Epson’s 3LCD technology, you are getting remarkable color representation even in the brightest modes, and that means you don’t have to let your presentation suffer even when you need to use the brightest modes out of necessity!


Adding to the usefulness of the PowerLite 108, both for the classroom and on the go, the included single 16 watt speaker delivers enough sound to easily hear within a sizable classroom and not the tin can sounding quality of many projectors.  This 16 watt Epson speaker brings high quality sound at a very loud max volume, and I didn’t even want to hear it very long on max because it was that loud in my family room.  The sound test had to be done during the day otherwise I would have woken up a very angry pregnant wife if I tested the max volume in the late hours of the night!  That said, it probably isn’t going to suffice for a large auditorium or lecture hall so when needed, you can hook up some external speakers through the audio out port.

I really appreciate the easy split screen functionality that Epson brings to these PowerLite projectors as a creative teacher that used PowerPoint and any other number of media sources during my lessons.  In addition, Epson offers up many ways to interact with your audience with their wireless module (sold separately) and mobile device connectivity through their iProjection app.  As well, for the school administrator, Epson’s Easy MP Network Projection and Epson’s Projector Management software offerings, you can remotely power projectors on and off, switch input sources, and Administrators can use the plug-in to send messages or announcements in JPEG formats to one, several, or all the projectors on the network.

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Between the color and brightness performance, and thanks to its low price point of $599, this Epson PowerLite 108 projector is simply awesome value.  I do not know if it’s an award winner, I leave that to Art.  But it’s a great bargain for any school that would like to cut cost somewhere and no suffer too much quality or efficiency, and that to me makes this a high quality classroom and portable projector.   Whether mounted, on a cart, or on the move, the brightness performs superbly, the colors are pretty great, it’s a long lasting lamp, and it is packed with useful features for enhancing your presentations if you know how to tap into Epson’s ecosystem and engage your viewers.

If I were starting up or putting together a new school, something I actually intend to do in the future, and needed bright, quality, and cheap projectors in a bunch of classrooms, I would be very inclined to join the Epson club and trust the Epson PowerLite 108 to do the job I needed at minimal cost.

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  • Cost! $599
  • Excellent Brightness – 3510 lumens, 5% less than Epson’s 3700 lumens claim
  • Epson’s 3LCD technology provides vibrant colors, with various modes performing from good to excellent
  • Wireless display technology for mobile device connectivity
  • Remote management capabilities, wired and wireless, using Epson’s Epson's Easy MP Network Projection and Epson’s Projector Management software offerings
  • Plug and Play USB presenting ability even though you need to convert the PowerPoint slides using Epson’s slide converter
  • Split Screen ability
  • Excellent 16 watt speaker providing powerful sound, with audio out when needed
  • Portable enough to travel with comfortably, ideally mounted
  • 6,000 hours of lamp life on Normal mode, 12,000 hours on Eco mode
  • Intuitive, useful, and solidly performing remote, no need to re-click buttons, 30 ft range

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  • Wireless module sold separately ($99!)
  • PC Free projection is not compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, can be converted to usable file using Epson’s slide converting software
  • Cannot move menu around the screen
  • Audio out connection shuts down internal speaker, cannot utilize both sources.
    • No wireless Bluetooth speaker capability
    • Internal speaker not loud enough for lecture hall
  • No backlight on the remote
  • Native XGA (1024 x 780) resolution, 4:3 format
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