Epson PowerLite 5520W Business/Education Projector Review – Special Features

Posted on March 7, 2019 by Nikki Zelinger

Epson PowerLite 5520W Business/Education Projector Review – Special Features: Wireless Capabilities, Advanced Networking, Excellent Placement Flexibility, Warranty, Brighter Futures Education Program

Wireless Capabilities

Epson Wireless LAN Module

The Epson PowerLite 5520W has wireless capabilities using Miracast! With Miracast, presenters can wirelessly mirror their Android device screens. It requires Epson’s optional Wireless Module (ELPAP10), which is available on the Epson website for $109. Wireless projection has become commonplace, and for good reason – it can significantly save on time when switching from presenter to presenter.

Advanced Networking

In addition to the obligatory wired LAN RJ-45 connector on the projector’s inputs panel and the optional wireless capabilities, the Epson PowerLite 5520W has some other great features ideal for advanced networking setups. One such feature is its built-in HDBaseT, which allows for simplified installations using a single cable for audio, video, and control signals via an Ethernet cable.

HDBaseT, for those unfamiliar, is a standard that appeared a few years back that allows HDMI signals to be run over extremely long lengths using low-cost CAT5e, CAT6, etc., cabling. This enables you to run audio, video, and control signals to be run over 100 meters! That’s perfect for higher education lecture halls and classrooms, convention halls, and other large venue environments where this projector may be used.

The PowerLite 5520W works with two integrated software applications that allow for complete control: Crestron RoomView and Extron XTP. With these command-and-control applications, you can get push notifications, browser monitoring, command and control of the projector using a browser, and more, which will allow you to always know what is going on with your projector fleet.

Excellent Placement Flexibility

This Epson features a 1.85:1 zoom lens with lens shift capabilities. It has manual zoom and focus, but once set, you’ll likely only have to make adjustments to focus every so often. Its horizontal lens shift is 10%, while its vertical lens shift is 50%. When setting up projectors for review, I almost never use horizontal lens shift, but greatly appreciate any amount of vertical lens shift – especially when it’s as generous as 50%. This will come in quite handy during installation. Adding to the projector’s placement flexibility is that HDBaseT feature we talked about in the previous section.


Epson’s warranties tend to be some of the best in the biz. The Epson PowerLite 5520W has a two years parts and labor warranty that covers any manufacturer defects. Also included in this warranty is 90 days on the lamp. What’s not included?

  • Excessive continual use
  • Consumables such as filters
  • Installation or removal
  • Cosmetic damage caused by handling or normal wear and tear during usage
  • Damage caused by failure to properly maintain the projector
  • Damage caused by interaction with non-Epson products such as add-in cards or cables
  • Any problem resulting from misuse, abuse, improper installation, neglect, improper shipping, disasters such as fire, flood, and lightning, improper electrical current, software problems, exposure to chemical smoke, or excessive humidity
  • Any problem resulting from service other than Epson or an Epson Authorized Seller

In addition to the two-year limited warranty and 90 days on the lamp, Epson provides peace of mind with their ExtraCare Road Service. This program gets a replacement projector shipped out to you immediately so that you can get back up and running without having to wait days or weeks for your unit to get repaired.

Brighter Futures Education Program

Epson has one of the best education programs out there. Their Brighter Futures Education Program significantly reduces the price of the Epson PowerLite 5520W. Its MSRP is $2,199, but with the education program, the price drops to $1,699. That $500 makes on heck of a difference if you’re building out your projector fleet. For instance, if you’re buying ten of these projectors, the bulk cost goes from $21,990 to $16,990 – a difference of $5,000 that can now be spent in other areas of your educational establishment.

The Brighter Futures Education Program goes a step further by offering discounts on projector accessories, such as their universal ceiling mount kit. Usually $129.99, the discount brings the price of that ceiling mount – which you’ll likely need – to a mere $72 per unit. A replacement lamp for the projector will cost you only $119. That’s excellent, especially when you consider that the lamp is likely to last you around six years when using at full power, 20 hours a week for 10 months out of the year.

That does it for the special features of the Epson PowerLite 109W! Next up is our tour of the hardware, followed by our discussion of picture quality and performance. See you on the next page!

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