Epson Powerlite Pro G7905 Projector Review - Picture Quality

August 1, 2016 / By Art Feierman
EPSON PRO G7905 PROJECTOR REVIEW - PICTURE QUALITY:  Handling Color, Black Levels and Shadow Detail, More on Pixel Shifting 2K, 4K content, Pixel Shifting vs Other Features - Trade-offs The Epson Pro G7905's picture quality is typical of Epson's business/education/commercial projectors.  That is, there are multiple modes. Several of them have extremely good color right out of the box.  As one would expect - Dynamic mode, is the one that is the most off, sporting too much yellow-green, but not near as bad as many projectors.  Still, the shift is apparent if you are comparing it with Cinema or the other better modes.  For that reason, I put Dynamic first in the player below, on our test pattern.  It doesn't look bad there - until you start comparing.  Still, that is the trade-off for getting maximum brightness out of a projector. In our discussion of picture quality we cover normal 2K color, and also the advantages when using true 4K content since it visibly improves the overall picture.  I have been able to view a lot of 4K content, and will discuss below.
While Epson has introduced home theater projectors that accept 4K with HDR, neither the new G or L series commercial projectors that accept 4K content support HDR.  This was previously misreported here, and has since been updated.
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