Epson Powerlite Pro G7905U Projector Review - Hardware Layout

August 1, 2016 / By Art Feierman
POWERLITE PRO G7905U PROJECTOR - HARDWARE TOUR:  Overview, Control Panel, Inputs and Connectors The Powerlite Pro G7905U is relatively compact and light for a 7000 color and white lumen projector. The G7905U may be relatively compact, but it feels solid.  BTW, regarding the weight, the 28 pounds includes the standard zoom lens, if you go with the G7905UNL without lens, and add one of the telephoto zooms, the total weight will definitely increase, due to the larger lenses. Dimensions, including the feet, are:  20.7" x 16.7" x 6.5".  Weight is 28.4 lbs. As long as I'm talking about compactness, Canon is about the only company I can think of that makes smaller commercial projectors, and not dramatically so - their 6000 lumen model (1000 lumens less) has a similar footprint, just 2 inches shorter on one dimension, but it does weigh about 9 lbs. less.  There several 6000 and 7000 lumen single chip DLP projectors that are also smaller, but many of those have relatively low color lumen output, so can't be considered in the same performance class.
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