Epson Powerlite Pro L1505 Projector Review - Picture Quality

July 8, 2016

/ By Art Feierman

EPSON PRO L1505 PROJECTOR REVIEW - PICTURE QUALITY:  Handling Color, Black Levels and Shadow Detail, Pixel Shifting on 2K, 4K content, Pixel Shifting vs Other Features The Epson Pro L1505's picture quality performed pretty much as expected in the traditional sense.  That is, most modes offered really good color right out of the box. There was no visible indications that one is looking at an image projected from a laser projector as compared to a lamp based one. That is no "sparkle" the term applied to early laser projectors' imagery. Of course it was blazingly bright - really way too bright for my largest screen 16:10 screen (100"), even under full ambient lighting. Ultimately the L1505 reminded me of most other Epson projectors, in terms of color handling, contrast (with the exception of handling black frames). This discussion of picture quality also covers the advantages when using true 4K content, including content developed using HDR and DCI standards, since those visibly improve the overall picture.

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