Epson Powerlite Pro L1505U Projector Review - Hardware Layout

July 8, 2016 / By Art Feierman
POWERLITE PRO L1505 PROJECTOR - HARDWARE TOUR:  Overview, Control Panel, Inputs and Connectors

The Epson Powerlite Pro L1505 Laser Projector: A straight on beauty shot of the projector showing the recessed zoom lens

The Powerlite Pro L1500 and L1505  are white and black versions of the same projector.   Considering these projectors put out about 12,000 lumens the physical size of the projectors is surprisingly small. Dimensions, including the feet, are:  23.1" x 19.4" x 8.3" Canon doesn't offer anything quite this bright, but they are the only other company that comes to mind for offering pretty compact, high brightness, large venue projectors. The L1500 and L1505 may be relatively compact, but they are solid - weighing in at a not very light 47.8 pounds not counting your choice of lenses.
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