Epson PowerLite W29 Projector Review -- Hardware Tour

May 25, 2016 / By Art Feierman
EPSON W29 PROJECTOR REVIEW - HARDWARE TOUR: Overview, Control Panel, Connectors, Remote Control, Audio, Lens Adjustments Surprisingly small and compact considering its output, the PowerLite W29 has been designed to be carried or wheeled from room to room as needed. It is quick and easy to set up and takes 5.6 seconds for it to start displaying an image. Two minutes later, the projector gets to full brightness. It pulls fresh air through a filter on the side across the hot lamp and out a grille in the front. During a week of daily use, it never got hotter than 148 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s easy to open the door, remove the filter and change it. The same goes for changing the lamp, which takes a couple of minutes. The image is inclined just enough so that the bottom is roughly at the level of the projector. This makes setting the W29 up on a table or shelf a snap.
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