Epson Pro Cinema 1985 W Projector Review

April 11, 2016 / By Art Feierman
The Pro Cinema 1985 - A True Light Canon of a projector for enjoyable large screen viewing in "Bright Rooms."  We're talking living rooms, family rooms, etc, that don't have good lighting control, or typically have too many windows! About $2500 list price will get you, for your home, a 4800 lumen Epson Pro Cinema 1985. Epson apparently loves having too many names for its projectors.  It goes by a number of additional monikers including: Powerlite 1985WU and PC1985, Powerlite Pro Cinema 1985 projector and so on. The  $2499 list price will include a spare lamp (so you should be set for many years), and a ceiling mount.  The value of those two extras makes the cost of this bright projector even more reasonable. [sam_pro id=1_50 codes="true"]
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