Home Theater and Projectors

It takes a home theater projector to make a serious home theater experience. Forget those 65" LCDTVs!

In this blog our technical guru, Ron explores the technologies involved, shares what's important when choosing a home theater projector, and helps you understand issues like 3D, the new Blu-ray UHD standard, 4K Projectors, and much more. If you are technical, great, if not so much Ron still makes sense.

Just remember, this two terms belong together - Home Theater and Projectors. If you aren't clear about some of the tech, and want to know more, this blog is a great place to learn.

Josh.ai - A Powerful home automation solution with voice control. Now compatible with Sony projectors
May 2, 2019

For years you have been able to use a voice control assistant like Amazon Alexa to control many A/V products, but you haven’t been able directly to control a projector via voice. Most voice assistants including Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri a ...

HDMI 2.1: The Basics. And, Who Needs It Today - A Rant
March 12, 2019

There are several advantages of HDMI 2.1 over the older HDMI 2.0b standard which include higher bandwidth, enhanced gaming, improved HDR performance and higher quality audio delivery.

September 8, 2017

CEDIA Expo is the biggest US trade show for home theater and home automation and it is being held at the San Diego Convention Center. Today's blog (for, Friday 8 September) is called by Day-2 blog since this is the second day the exhibit booths have been open.

September 7, 2017

CEDIA Expo is the biggest US trade show for home theater and home automation and it is being held at the San Diego Convention Center. Today's blog (Thursday, 7 September) is called my Day-1 blog since this is the first day the exhibit booths have opene ...

CEDIA Expo 2017 - Day 0
September 6, 2017

CEDIA Expo is the biggest US trade show for home theater and automation and it is being held at the San Diego Convention Center. Late this afternoon (Pacific Time) Sony is holding a press event that is expected to offers details on their new home theater projectors. The new Sony 4K projectors are subject of today's blog.

CEDIA Expo 2017 - Preview
August 29, 2017

This blog discusses what new home theater projectors (with a focus on 4K compatible models) we expect to see announced and perhaps demo’ed at CEDIA Expo 2017.

The State of HDR for Home Theaters
May 31, 2017

This blog discusses the state of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video and where I expect HDR technology to be evolving over the next year or two.

Next Generation HDMI Revealed
January 31, 2017

This blog discusses the current generation of HDMI standards, based on HDMI 2.0 (2.0a and 2.0b) standard and introduces the next generation of HDMI based on the just released HDMI 2.1 standard.

CEDIA Expo 2016 - Day 2
September 16, 2016

This blog presents more information from CEDIA Expo 2016. I’ve included information on new Epson projectors for my visit to their booth late on the first day, but too late to include in my Day 1 blog.

CEDIA Expo 2016 - Day 1
September 15, 2016

This report is from day 1 (Thursday, Sept. 15th) of CEDIA Expo 2016 trade show. This is the first day the manufacturer's exhibits are open.

CEDIA Expo 2016 - Day 0
September 14, 2016

The annual CEDIA Expo kicked off the 2016 edition today in Dallas, Texas. The trade floor manufacturer exhibit booth don't open until tomorrow (Thursday). Sony held a press event today.

CEDIA Expo 2016 and IFA Preview
August 9, 2016

This blog discusses what new home theater projectors (with a focus on 4K compatible models) we expect to see announced, and perhaps demo'ed, at CEDIA Expo 2016.

Ultra HD Blu-ray - Ready for Prime Time?
March 29, 2016

Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and the first player officially rolled out on March 1, 2015 (with actual availability a few days earlier in some cases). This blog takes a look at both the good and the bad for these first generation discs and players.

CES 2016 - Days 2 and 3
January 6, 2016

This blog is a follow-up to my Day 1 blog (HERE) reporting on news from the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show.  While the Day 1 blog reported on announcements from press events, Day 2 (Wednesday, Jan. 6th) is the first day the show's trade floor, with its ...

CES 2016 - Day 1
January 5, 2016

While the CES 2016 trade show opens on January 6th, there are press events on Jan. 4th and 5th where some information is being presented on the new products being introduced at the show. I will be updating this blog a few times to add information from these press events. The focus of this blog will be on the Ultra High Definition products and technologies being introduced at CES.

CES 2016 Preview
December 25, 2015

The 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is set to open on January 6, 2016 in Las Vegas. As I write this Blog on Christmas day CES is less than two weeks away. While CES is not typically the premier trade show for new video projector introductions, it is normally the showplace for most other types of audio and video products. This blog will focus on what types of new home theater related products and technologies we anticipate to be introduced at CES 2016.

UHD/4K Video Streaming Players and UHD Blu-ray Update
November 29, 2015

This blog discusses three UHD/4K streaming players that are now available to consumers and also provides an update on Ultra HD Blu-ray.

CEDIA Expo 2015 - Day 2: Projectors, Screens, AV Receivers...
October 16, 2015

This blog is for Friday October 16 (i.e., Day 2) and is reporting on visits to the exhibits and talking to the manufacturer's representatives at the 2015 CEDIA Expo that is ongoing in Dallas, Texas.

CEDIA Expo 2015 - Day 1: Sony, JVC and Epson Projectors
October 15, 2015

This blog reports from my visits and discussions with projector manufacturers exhibiting new projector models at CEDIA Expo 2015 being held in Dallax, Texas. This blog will be updated a few times through the day to include additional information.

CEDIA Expo 2015 - Day 0: Sony, Epson, DreamVision Projectors
October 14, 2015

This first blog from "Day 0" of CEDIA Expo 2015 in Dallas, Texas provides a preview of new projectors we expect to be announced/demo'ed over the next couple of days at the trade show. I will be posting blogs also on Day 1 (Thursday - Oct. 15th) and Day 2 (Friday - Oct. 16th) to cover in some detail what has been seen and heard from the projector manufacturers.

New Home Theater Projectors - IFA and CEDIA Introductions
September 1, 2015

The European IFA consumer electronics trade show begins Sept. 4th in Berlin, Germany.  JVC has released information on their three new X-series home theater projectors and information on the new Sony models should be coming shortly.  This blog provides ...

Ultra HD Blu-ray Licensing and Anticipating New Projectors at CEDIA Expo 2015
August 6, 2015

This blog follows up on last month's blog, where I provided some technical details of the video formats that will be supported by the upcoming Ultra High Definition Blu-ray discs. The Blu-ray Disc Associaton (BDA) has now announced plans to be begin the patent licensing for Ultra HD Blu-ray this month and also provided some insights as to when the new format will make it way to consumers. The month's blog also offers some discussion on what we my see at this year's CEDIA Expo in terms of new HD and 4K/UHD home theater class projectors.

Countdown to Ultra HD Blu-ray Introduction
July 26, 2015

For this new blog I would like to report on a few technical details and throw in some informed speculation as to what the first products will be and when they may be introduced.

4K UHD Blu-ray - Ultra-HD Specification now Complete
May 12, 2015

Many owners and potential owners of 4K/UHD projectors are eagerly awaiting the arrival Ultra-HD Blu-rays. I have discussed the new technology in a number of previous blogs. The Blu-ray Disc Association has just announced the initial version of the Ultra-HD Blu-ray specification is now complete and this blog provides an update on this new premium quality UHD video format.

CES 2015 - What's New for Home Theaters
January 5, 2015

The 2015 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015) runs 6-9 January 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.  As far a home theater projectors go, the CEDIA show, typically held in September,  is the venue where we typically see the most new projector introducti ...

Where we stand on 4K/UHD - 2014 Wrap-up
December 8, 2014

Just because a consumer electronics (CE) manufacturer can build a 4K/UHD TV does not make that technology or product a success. As we learned with the introduction of HDTV, this puzzle has several pieces that must be fully defined and implemented before they can be fit together to produce complete entertainment solution that will become a commercial success. This blog discusses the status of 4K/UHD standards, content creation, content distribution, and consumer 4K/UHD source electronics.

Mini Shootout - Hitachi and Epson Interactive Classroom Projectors
November 30, 2014

This blog offers a direct comparison of interactive classroom, or conference room, projectors from Hitachi and Epson that were reviewed individually a few months ago. The Epson Brightlink 595Wi includes the hardware and software for using either interactive pens or fingers touch for drawing and making on-screen menu selections, while the otherwise similar Epson Brightlink 585Wi supports only the use of interactive pens.

CEDIA Expo 2014 - Day 3
September 12, 2014

This blog covers day 3 at the CEDIA Expo 2014 show in Denver, CO. Included is some follow-up information from what was posted in the Day-2 report as well and info from a few more manufacturers that are exhibiting at CEDIA Expo 2014. Included is information on products for Epson, Sony, Yamaha, Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Integra, Sim2, and Darbee Vision.

CEDIA Expo 2014 - Day 2
September 11, 2014

This blog covers Day 2 of the CEDIA Expo 2014, which is the first day for the manufacturers exhibit booth to be open. I covers my discussions with Sony, LG, JVC and Epson. Also I discuss my visits to the booths booths of some manufacturers of home theater accessories. Also I am checking out a few new Audio/Video Receivers (AVRs) that are equipped with Dolby's new Atmos surround system and be reporting on in the Day 3 blog.

CEDIA Expo 2014 - Day 1
September 10, 2014

This blog presents a summary from Day 1 of CEDIA Expo 2014 and a few pieces of info learned ahead of the opening of the trade floor on what I'm calling Day 2.

CEDIA Expo 2014 Preview
August 31, 2014

The annual CEDIA Expo tradeshow kicks off with the keynote address and opening press events on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 in Denver, CO. This blog discusses what we expect to see at CEDIA Expo and also reports on some rumors and speculation as to what new products and technologies MAY be introduced.

New UHD Standards
July 20, 2014

Over the past 18 months I have posted several blogs discussing the various industry standards related to 4K / Ultra High Definition (UHD) video. For this blog I'll discuss a new voluntary standard for UHD products that has been released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and report a major step forward for the premier codec for the encoding/decoding of UHD video.

High Dynamic Range and HEVC Update
June 23, 2014

This blog presents a overview of the "High Dynamic Range" capability being proposed in some quarters as one of the enhancements to be supported by future Ultra High Definition (UHD) displays and video sources/services. Also included in this blog is an update on the update to the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard, which defines one of the critical UHD related technologies.

4K UHD Update - April 2014
April 28, 2014

This blog provides an update on several aspects of the 4K Ultra-HD technology and what's new for 4K/UHD video sources. It includes information of Hollywood's position on 4K/UHD, and update on 4K/UHD standards and a update on 4K/UHD video streaming and download services.

Using 4K Projectors with 'Scope' Screens
March 31, 2014

This blog includes the contents of the message we received from a visitor to our web site as well as some background and discussion on the subject of using a 4K Sony projector with 'Scope' projection screen, with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 or 2.40:1, instead of the traditional HDTV aspect ratio of 1.78:1 (i.e., 16 x 9).

CES 2014 - New Products/Technologies
January 6, 2014

This blog is focused only on new video projectors and Ultra High Definition (UHD) video sources introduced at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I will also cover what's happening in general with the roll-out of UHD products and related technologies.

Dealing with Different Aspect Ratios
December 4, 2013

This blog post includes a discussion of dealing with video material with different aspect ratios and also provides a few updates to information posted in my previous blogs.

HDMI 2.0 and Support for 4K UHD Video
October 23, 2013

This blog provides an update on the new HDMI version 2.0 standard’s support for handling 4K Ultra-HD video. I have included some specific information that I have received from an official source within the HDMI organization as well as some more general information about this new HDMI standard.

CEDIA Expo 2013 - Day 2
September 27, 2013

This is the second blog in this series from the CEDIA Expo 2013 Show in Denver, CO, USA. In the Day 1 blog I covered some of the interesting new projectors from JVC, Sony and Epson. In this Day 2 blog I have a little follow-up information related to JVC and Epson products as well as information on other home theater related products I've seen here at the show.

CEDIA Expo 2013 - Day 1
September 26, 2013

This Blog is my Day 1 report on home theater projectors and related products being introduced at the CEDIA Expo trade show being held in Denver, CO USA. Today's blog covers projectors from JVC, Sony and Epson and I plan to post another blog tomorrow for the second day of the show that will cover additional manufacturers and their most interesting products.

CEDIA Expo 2013 - Preview
September 4, 2013

This blog presents a preview of home theater video projectors, and related 4K video technology, that are expected to be introduced to the U.S. market at the upcoming CEDIA Expo (25-28 September 2013).

Setting up a Home Theater - Part 2
August 28, 2013

This is the second, and final, blog of this short series discussing how to properly set up and align a projector with the projection screen. The first part of this discussion is available HERE. Once you have positioned your new projector correctly in relation to a properly installed projection screen and have also correctly aligned the projector using the available mechanical and optical adjustments, you should always be able to achieve a near perfect rectangular image that correctly aligns with the viewable area of the projection screen.

Setting up a Home Theater - Part 1
July 28, 2013

This is the first blog of this short series discussing how to properly set up a home theater room and select a projector plus a projection screen. The second part will discuss how to properly set up and align a projector with the projection screen. .

InfoComm 2013 Report
June 12, 2013

The annual InfoComm trade show is now underway in Orlando, Florida. I am only at the show for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning and during my limited time at the show I will attempt to visit the exhibits of the major projector manufacturers.

4K Ultra-HD Video Sources - Status Report
June 6, 2013

This Blog includes the latest news related to future 4K Ultra-HD (UHD) video sources.  I have, in several previous blogs, talked about 4K UHD displays, technical standards, interfaces and video sources.  This blog provides the latest information and up ...

On the Road to 4K UHD
May 8, 2013

This blog provides an update on 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) standards, services and products.  2013 is the year in which the essential pieces will be coming together that will enable large scale production of 4K UHD products and services in 2014.  A ...

Update on 4K UHD Consumer Products
April 8, 2013

This blog provides a brief update on new 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) products.  Some of these were announced this week at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) annual trade show being held in Las Vegas.   News for 4K UHD Video Sources ...

Ultra-HD Video Standards Move Forward
March 26, 2013

In several past blogs I have discussed international/industry standards that relate to the next generation of Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) devices (i.e., displays, video sources & video distribution).  Specifically, in past blogs I have ...

Update on 4K Related Standards and 1080p Projector News
February 1, 2013

This blog includes a few updates related to the discussions on 4K and Ultra HD video, as discussed in my previous blogs, plus provides preliminary info on a few interesting new 1080p projectors from Optoma, BenQ and Sony that have been recently announc ...

CES 2013 Wrap Up
January 13, 2013

This is a short post-CES blog intended to provde a very quick review of the projector related news out of CES 2013.  CES 2013 had very little to offer in terms of new projector introductions and the big push by the video manufacturers was for 4K Ultra ...

CES 2013 Preview
January 5, 2013

The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins Tuesday, January 8th in Las Vegas.  A day earlier (i.e., Monday, Jan. 7th) is designated as CES Press Day and several of the manufacturers of home theaters projectors and related products (i ...

What to Expect at CES 2013
December 29, 2012

The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins January 8th in Las Vegas.  This blog discusses a few products that are known to be scheduled for introduction at CES as well and some speculation of what else we may see coming from the proj ...

Outlook for 4K Video Sources in 2013
December 15, 2012

This blog discusses how the technology pieces are starting to come together in support of “4K” video.  The first consumer 4K video projector that made it to market (in early 2012) was Sony’s excellent VPL-VW1000ES projector.  As of the date of this blo ...

Home Theater - Useful Add-ons
November 29, 2012

Since I’m posting this blog in late November and we are now in the holiday shopping season, the focus of this blog is on a few useful accessories/devices for a home theater system.  I’m not talking about projectors or screens, or even AV receivers.  Ra ...

The Life of a Projector's Lamp
October 22, 2012

Understanding the characteristics of the lamps used in video projectors and going as far as to track the light output of your projector can be a useful exercise for some home theater owners.  The industry standard for lamp life is based on a 50% dimmin ...

CEDIA Expo 2012 News - Part 3
September 7, 2012

September 7:  This is the third blog in a series reporting on new products being introduced at the CEDIA Expo 2012, that is now underway in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I will update this blog later today with more news out of  the CEDIA show. Yesterday I p ...

CEDIA Expo 2012 News - Part 2
September 6, 2012

Thursday - 9 September:  Today is the first day the CEDIA trade floor is open and several companies are officially introducing new projectors and related products today.  I will be updating this blog a few times today, so check back. JVC JVC DLA-RS66 P ...

CEDIA Expo 2012 News - Part 1
September 6, 2012

Wednesday - 5 September:  The CEDIA Expo 2012 trade show officially started today with the keynote address, but the trade exhibits don't open until tomorrow (Thursday, 6 Sept.).  However, there are a few news items from today. Sony had their press conf ...

CEDIA Expo - Part 2 Preview
September 1, 2012

This blog is a final preview before the start of the CEDIA Expo show that is held next week in Indianapolis (the CEDIA keynote speech and first press conferences are on Wednesday Sept. 5th and the trade show opens Sept. 6th).  My previous blog included ...

CEDIA Expo 2012 - Preview
August 11, 2012

This blog presents a preview of new projectors and a few related products that may be introduced and/or demo’ed at next month’s CEDIA Expo 2012.  The CEDIA Expo is the most important trade show in the USA for the introduction of new home theater video ...

Beyond HDMI 1.4
August 1, 2012

The current generation of the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) specification was issued in early 2010, in the same time frame as the specification for Blu-ray 3D players (which specifies a HDMI 1.4a output).  The latest version of the HDMI S ...

Passive 3D Projection - Part 10
July 20, 2012

This blog provides a wrap-up to the discussion of my past 9 blogs on the subject of Passive 3D Projection.  Most of that discussion focused on using two consumer projectors operating in 2D mode and configured with auxiliary equipment/components such th ...

Passive 3D Projection - Part 9
June 29, 2012

This post is Part 9 in a the series of blogs discussing do-it-yourself (diy) passive 3D projection systems that use two conventional front projectors.  This new blog continues the discussion on the use of dual projection system that use color bandpass ...

Passive 3D Projection - Part 8
June 8, 2012

This post continues the series of blogs discussing do-it-yourself (diy) passive 3D projection systems that use two conventional front projectors.  In my previous blogs of this series the discussion has focused on passive 3D projection system that use p ...

Passive 3D Projection - Part 7
May 21, 2012

This post continues the series of blogs discussing do-it-yourself (diy) passive 3D projection systems that use two conventional front projectors.  In my previous blog (i.e., Part 6 of this series), I completed (at least for the time being) the discussi ...

Passive 3D Projection - Part 6
April 30, 2012

This blog post continues the discussion of do-it-yourself (diy) passive 3D projection systems that use two conventional front projectors.  In my previous blog (i.e., Part 5 of this series), I discussed using projectors that inherently project polarized ...

Passive 3D Projection - Part 5
April 19, 2012

This is Part 5 of a series of blogs discussing passive 3D projection systems. For these blogs I am focused on passive 3D systems that use polarization as the means to separate the right from the left images.  Previously I discussed (in Part 3 – HERE) t ...

Passive 3D Projection - Part 4
March 30, 2012

This is Part 4 of a series of blogs discussing passive 3D projection systems. The current discussion is focused on passive 3D systems that use polarization as the means to separate the right from the left images.  Previously I discussed (in Part 3 – HE ...

Passive 3D Projection - Part 3
March 20, 2012

This blog is a continuation of my previous discussion on passive 3D projection (HERE).   Specifically, this blog is focused on do-it-yourself (DIY) dual projector passive 3D projection systems using polarization as the technique to separate the right f ...

Passive 3D Projection - Part 2
February 23, 2012

This blog is part 2 of a series on passive 3D projection.  Part 1 was posted HERE.  In this new blog I begin with a discussion of passive 3D projection systems for a home theater that is not specific to either of the alternative passive technologies fo ...

Passive 3D Projection - Part 1
February 6, 2012

This Blog starts a discussion on passive 3D projection systems.  I expect this discussion will continue over several future blogs.  For this initial blog I present some of the fundamentals of passive 3D projection.  This is intended to prepare the read ...

More 3D Crosstalk Testing - JVC and Epson
January 15, 2012

This Blog is a follow-up to my two earlier blogs of December 14th and December 19th on 3D crosstalk (i.e., 3D ghosting).  In the second of those previous blogs I presented some results for 3D crosstalk measurements taken for my own JVC DLA-RS40 project ...

CES 2012 Preview
January 10, 2012

This blog offers a preview of some products being introduced at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held this week (Jan. 10-13) in Las Vegas.  The products discussed below are limited to only those that have been announced in a ...

3D Crosstalk/Ghosting - PART 2 and Silver Screens
December 19, 2011

This blog is a continuation of my previous blog (HERE) of December 14, 2011 on “3D Crosstalk/Ghosting – Part 1” and also is a follow-up to my earlier blogs discussing screens for 3D projection (i.e., blogs from August 19th,  August 31st, and December 1 ...

3D Crosstalk/Ghosting - PART 1
December 14, 2011

For this Blog (and the next) I will focus on the subject of 3D crosstalk, or frequently called 3D ghosting.  This undesired effect occurs when portions of the image intended to be seen by one eye become visible to the other eye.  This ‘leakage’ of info ...

First Take on Stewart "Reflections Active 170" Screen
December 1, 2011

For this blog I will be discussing a new front projection screen material being marketed specifically for use with 3D projectors.  I will taking a look at the new Stewart Filmscreen Relections Active 170TM screen material with a rated gain of 1.7.  Scr ...

BenQ W7000 Update & Discussion of Lens Shift, Offset, Zoom Ratio, etc.
November 16, 2011

This blog provides some additional information on the upcoming BenQ W7000 DLP 3D projector, as a follow-up to my previous blog on DLP projectors (HERE).  This blog also discusses the characteristics and importance a projector’s zoom ratio, throw ratio ...

LCD 3D Projection Technology
November 4, 2011

This blog discusses the use of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projection technology for 3D.   This is the oldest of the micro-display technologies with the basic idea dating back to 1968 with the first commercial projectors appearing about 2 decades ago. ...

DLP 3D Projection Technology - Part 2
October 18, 2011

This blog continues the discussion of DLP 3D projection technology.  In my previous blog I provided a brief history of DLP projectors and an overview of the DLP technology.  This 2nd blog on the subject continues with a summary of the current and soon- ...

DLP 3D Projection Technology
October 9, 2011

This blog starts the discussion on DLP technology for 3D projections.    I’ll start with a little history on DLP technology, with a focus on its use for home theater front projectors.  This technology was invented by Texas Instruments (TI) when Dr. Lar ...

Getting it Bright Enough
September 24, 2011

This blog is the follow-up to my earlier blog from before the CEDIA show.  That earlier blog was from August 31 and was titled “Screens for 3D Projection – Part 2”.  This new blog will be my wrap up, for now, on projection screens for 3D, but I’m certa ...

Day 3 at CEDIA Expo
September 9, 2011

Today I have a an update to my previous report on Sony's new 4K projector and other news from the CEDIA Expo. Sony (follow-up) - When I attended the Sony press event on Day 1 (Wednesday) Sony introduced their new VPL-VW1000ES 4K (super HD) projector (p ...

Day 2 at CEDIA Expo 2011
September 8, 2011

I had a opportunity to see several new products at CEDIA today.  First up the new JVC projectors and some info from Panasonic and Epson. JVC - JVC is replacing their 2011 models with a new line-up that for the two top models bring quite a few exciting ...

1st Report from CEDIA Expo 2011
September 8, 2011

Art and I attended the Sony press event this evening at the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis.  The trade show opens tomorrow (Thursday) and Sony used their press event to introduce a few new products.  Art in his blog will cover the new Sony VW1000ES project ...

CEDIA Expo Preview
September 1, 2011

This blog provides a preview of new projectors expected to be introduced at the annual "Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association" (CEDIA) Expo that runs from  7 - 10 September in Indianapolis.  This is the trade show where most manufactur ...

Screens for 3D Projection - Part 2
August 31, 2011

This blog is a continuation of my previous blog.  These discussions focus on factors that need to be considered when selecting a projection screen for use in a home theater with a 3D projector.  While many of the screen characteristics equally apply to ...

More on 3D Glasses and Part 1 on Projection Screens for 3D
August 19, 2011

For this Blog I am starting off with some additional info related to 3D active shutter glasses then I am begining (i.e., Part 1) a discussion on things to consider when selecting a screen for use with 3D projectors.   More on 3D Glasses   Ano ...

3D Active Shutter Glasses - Technical Overview
August 7, 2011

For this blog I will be discussing 3D active shutter glasses. As touched upon in earlier blogs, there are basically two general categories of glasses used for viewing 3D video.  The simplest form is “passive” which use left and right lenses that either ...

LCoS 3D Projection Technology - Part 2
July 30, 2011

D-ILATM Based 3D Projectors This is the second part of my blog on using LCoS 3D projection technology.  We are currently talking about 3D projection using sequentially alternating right/left images and where viewers must wear active shutter 3D glasses. ...

LCoS 3D Projection Technology - Part 1
July 24, 2011

For this blog I will focus on 3D projectors based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology for which the viewer must wear 3D active shutter glasses.  As discussed in my previous blog, this type of 3D projector alternates the display of right and ...

3D Projection Techniques
July 15, 2011

Over the next several blogs I intend to get into more of the details of the 3D technologies now available for use by the consumer in a home theater.   I specifically plan to cover the following 3D projection technologies and configurations: Use of a si ...

3D Video - A Little History
July 8, 2011

This post is intended to provide a little history for 3D video and to also provide some context for my prior blog on the 3D signal formats that are defined by the HDMI version 1.4a specification and for Blu-ray 3DTM.  I hope that it will also provide s ...

First Blog - Moving to 3D
July 2, 2011

Greetings to all existing and future home theater owners that have made the decision to use front projection at the means of achieving the cinema experience in their own home.  For my first blog, as well as the next several here at Projector Reviews, I ...

June 30, 2011

Greetings all:   My name is Ron Jones and I am very pleased to have been invited by Art to contribute to Projector Reviews with a new blog focused on home theater video technology with an emphasis on new technologies, such as 3D, and associated issues/ ...

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