InFocus IN2128HDx Projector Review - Special Features

April 5, 2018 / By Art Feierman

InFocus IN2128HDx Projector Review – Special Features: 3D Capable, PC Free Display & 4 gbs of internal storage, Network Connectivity Management, LightCast Wireless Module, 10 Watt Speaker and Assignable Audio Connectivity, Full Color Management System

3D Capable

The IN2128HDx comes ready to play your favorite 3D Blu Ray movies.  All you need is a pair of DLP Link 3D glasses and you can take full advantage.

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PC Free Display & 4 gbs of Internal Storage

Use the on-board file viewer to present photos, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, audio, video, and more; or present directly from a USB thumb drive.

Network Connectivity Management

Using Crestron, your own AMX system, or your own internal network, you can make the IT team’s job easier and connect the projector to your internal network for easy remote management for numerous projectors.

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LightCast Wireless Module

Sold separately, for a list price of what seems to be about $299, though I did some see sellers on amazon for $200, the InFocus LightCast wireless module enables mobile device connections and digital whiteboard capabilities to add to your IN2128HDx.  Devices can utilize Miracast or Apple Airplay to connect and display on the projector wirelessly.

10 Watt Speaker and Assignable Audio Connectivity

The InFocus IN2128HDx comes with a powerful, 10 watt speaker that will provide you with more than enough sound to fill your classroom or conference room comfortably. You will not suffer from the ill-effects of tin sounding sound that you get from lesser projector speakers.

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Full Color Management System

The IN2128HDx includes a full Color Management System that you can access from the Image subcategory in the system’s Menu.  Should you want or need to adjust all your colors manually, this is the spot to handle that task.

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