JVC DLA-RS400U Home Theater Projector Review

April 30, 2016

/ By Jennifer Stringfellow

The DLA-RS400U may be the best under $4000 home theater projector ever!  $3999 lets you view 4K content, offers great black levels, and lens memory! This year JVC has upped their projector game, and nowhere is that more apparent than the JVC DLA-RS400 and DLA-X550R home theater projectors sold in the US.  The two US are the same projector sold by two different JVC divisions. The only differences are which dealers sell them, and minor trim differences. Two and a half years ago, the RS400’s predecessor (new at the time), sported JVC’s pixel shifting capability - that version was called e-Shift3, and that projector could handle 4K content.  Unfortunately that previous series of JVCs lacked the necessary newer hardware and support for commercial 4K content like Blu-ray UHD. The newer DLA-RS400 / X550, however solves that with all the necessary hardware and software to play Blu-ray UHD and copy protected HDTV. In that sense this JVC projector catches up to Epson’s dual laser LS10000, which started shipping at the end of 2014, but shipped with the necessary updated HDMI (2.0) and HDCP copy protection (2.2), needed for Blu-ray UHD compatibility.

True 4K content from Ender's Game (Blu-ray UHD), displayed with RS400U using pixel shifting

Now, this is huge for myself, and all serious home theater people who can appreciate the move to 4K on screen sizes large enough that 4K really matters. OK, there are about a gazillion LCD TVs out there that support 4K (many of the ones out there, but like the older JVCs can’t play Blu-ray UHD, but almost all new ones do). But, there’s more. The predecessor to the RS400 was $4999, but now, the RS400 with it’s advanced 4K support is a grand less at only $3999. This should make the competition even more nervous, but we’ll discuss that later. Our review of the JVC DLA-RS400 / DLA-X550 - which, I should mention is called the DLA-X5000 in the EU - will continue with a bit more overview, and a list of this home theater projector's highlights. [sam_pro id=1_38 codes="true"]

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