JVC DLA-RS600U, X950R Home Theater Projector Review - Calibration and Settings 2

January 25, 2016

/ By Art Feierman

JVC DLA-RS600U HOME THEATER PROJECTOR - CALIBRATION:   Calibration Setting and Results. For this review I created two different custom calibrations of the DLA-RS600U.  The first calibration was intended to produce a moderately bright image that was suitable for use with my 120" 16 x 9 projection which has white matte surface and a actual gain of approximately 1.1   For this calibration I was operating the projector's lamp in the low power mode and setting lens iris (aperture) to a partially closed closed position, for improved image contrast.  I calibrated the projector for standard Rec. 709 color gamut.  For the second calibration I set the lamp to its high power mode and set the manual iris to it fully open position.  Again standard Rec. 709 color gamut was used.

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