LG MiniBeam PF1000UProjector Review -- Hardware Tour

August 7, 2016 / By Art Feierman
LG PF 1000U PROJECTOR REVIEW - HARDWARE TOUR: Overview, Air Flow and Fan Noise, Image Size, Control Panel and Connectors, Remote Control, Lens and Image Adjustments At 4.5- by 5.2- by 12.1-inches, the PF 1000U is smaller than most ultra-short throw projectors and a lot narrower than Epson’s BrightView family. It weighs in at 4.9-pounds, making it perfect for carrying from room to room during the day or to the living room at night for a movie. Too bad, it doesn’t come with a case – like the LG PH 550 – so that the fragile output mirror doesn’t get damaged in transit. [sam_pro id=1_47 codes="true"]
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