LG Minibeam PW800 Projector Review - Summary

July 26, 2015

/ By Art Feierman

The LG PW800 is a pocket class projector that offers a lot a features for a modest $599.99 MSRP.  However, like most other pico and pocket projectors it has some significant limitations.  In many ways this becomes a trade-off between size vs. performance.  Larger projectors can produce a brighter image and offer much better built-in audio quality while the PW800 is highly portable with lots of built-in capabilities.  The LG Mini-Beam PW800 would seem to be primarily marketed as a highly portable consumer home entertainment projector, but one that easily doubles as a road warrior’s  small and light projector suitable for small group business presentations or a highly portable model for use by a teacher/instructor when the classroom lacks a installed projector.

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