LG MiniBeamPF1000U Projector Review--Menu Details

August 7, 2016 / By Art Feierman
LG PF 1000U -- Menu Details From the beginning, the menu for the PF 1000U is like no other projector. To start, anything on the main page can be clicked on with the remote control’s movable arrowhead pointer. It takes some getting used to but is a quicker an easier way to interact with a projector. Unfortunately, the pointer only works with the menus and not as a way to highlight a portion of the projected image during a presentation. Rather than structured menus dominating the scene, the projector’s main screen has a preview of the live feed in the upper left corner. This is great for trying out different settings without having to go back and forth between the menu and the projected image. Underneath is an input list and a link to LG’s Smart TV online apps and the Settings section. To the right are the choice of the basic, premium or current movies. Below is Smart Share for viewing what’s on a USB thumb drive. In the lower right hand corner of the main screen is the PF 1000U’s most pioneering feature: a Web browser. It can get you to just about any Web site, worked just as well with YouTube as with CNN and Projector Reviews and marks a big step forward for projectors. In fact, at home, work or school, you no longer need to connect a notebook, tablet or phone to show a Web site or online video; just let the projector do it. The menu proper is hidden behind the Settings link and you need to click on it with the remote’s arrow pointer. There are categories for Picture, Sound, Channel, Time, Lock, Option, Network and Support. [sam_pro id=1_47 codes="true"]  
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