InFocus IN2128HDx Business and Classroom Projector Review

April 6, 2018
The InFocus IN2128hdx is a Full HD native resolution, compact portable projector that is built for easy connectivity whether on the go or mounted permanently.
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InFocus IN116xa Portable Projector Review

March 16, 2018
The InFocus IN116xa is a compact, portable DLP projector that manages to load a ton of ability into a projector that is very reasonably priced at $425.
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InFocus IN5148HD Projector Review

January 28, 2017
The InFocus IN5148HD is intended for use in large venues where a high light output projector is called for.
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InFocus IN1118HD Mobile Projector Review

September 13, 2016
The InFocus IN1118HD is a portable DLP projector designed for business presentations on the go. 
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InFocus IN126STa Short Throw Projector Review

April 1, 2015
The InFocus IN126STa is a portable DLP projector with networking and short throw lens. MSRP $779!
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InFocus IN114 DLP Multimedia Projector Review

February 16, 2013
See this projector in our annual Classroom Projector Report, sponsored by:  February 2013 - Anthony Arrigo
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InFocus LiteShow III Wired, Wireless Networking Presentation Adapter Review

May 11, 2011
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InFocus X9 Projector Review

November 12, 2008
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InFocus X10 - DLP 1080p Home Theater Projector Review

September 1, 2008
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InFocus IN82 Home Theater Projector Review

October 4, 2007
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InFocus IN2114 Projector Review

January 1, 2007
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InFocus Play Big IN72 Projector Review - Overview

May 25, 2006
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InFocus Play Big SP777 Home Theater Projector Review

March 28, 2006
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InFocus Screenplay 4805

August 1, 2005
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