Explore Sony's New 4K SXRD Projectors: VPL-XW5000ES, VPL-XW6000ES, and VPL-XW7000ES

May 1, 2022
Sony is excited to announce three new 4K SXRD laser projectors, the VPL-VW5000ES, VPL-VW6000ES, and VPL-VW7000ES.
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Sony VPL-XW7000ES 4K SXRD Home Theater Projector Review

April 25, 2022
The Sony VPL-XW7000ES is a 3200 lumen, native 4K home theater projector and part of Sony's SXRD projector lineup refresh.
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Leveraging Sony For Your Entire Professional AV Ecosystem

March 2, 2022
In this article sponsored by Sony, we are going to explore Sony’s full breadth of equipment solutions that make them an ideal technology partner. As you might expect here at Projector Reviews, we review a lot of Sony projectors. Sony projectors offer both outstanding image quality and convenient ins
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Sony VPL-FHZ85 Commercial Interchangeable Lens 3LCD Projector Review

March 1, 2022
The Smallest and lightest projector in its class The Sony VPL-FHZ85 is a 7,300 ANSI lumens/8,000 center lumens, 3LCD laser, interchangeable-lens projector that sells for $6,999 MSRP. Sony has been a leading manufacturer of professional/education projectors for decades. While Sony Professional offers
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SONY VPL-PHZ50 WUXGA 3LCD Projector Review

February 21, 2022
The VPL-PHZ50 is a 5,000 lumens (5,400 lumens center) 3LCD installation-class projector that sells for $2,499. Just over a year ago, Sony Electronics' professional division introduced a new mid-tier projector model, the Sony VPL-PHZ50 as a direct successor to the very successful Sony VPL-PHZ12. Sony
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Sony VPL-FHZ85 / VPL-FHZ80 - Bright, Compact WUXGA 3LCD Projectors Packed With Innovative Features

February 1, 2022
In this month's sponsored article from Sony, we explore Sony's newest options for midsize auditoriums, conference rooms, and classrooms – the bright, powerful, and compact VPL-FHZ80 and VPL-FHZ85 laser projectors. The VPL-FHZ80 is rated at 6,000 ANSI (6,500 Center) lumens and the step-up VPL-FHZ85 i
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Sony VPL-GTZ380 4K SXRD Laser Projector Review

November 29, 2021
  If you are looking for the ultimate home theater experience, you should definitely take a close look at Sony's flagship projector, the VPL-GTZ380, which is a 10,000 lumen, native 4K SXRD projector that retails for $80,000 (minus lens). In 2017 when Art reviewed Sony's amazing VW5000ES projector, h
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Why Many Video Enthusiasts Still Choose Projectors

August 31, 2021
In this article, we discuss why projectors continue to be a viable option for those looking for high-quality video in massive sizes. 
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July 2, 2021
The VW1025ES is Sony’s least expensive 4K Home Theater projector The Sony VPL-VW1025ES which retails for $40,000 is a 4K SXRD laser home theater projector. It is the successor of the highly-rated VW995ES ($35,000 SRP) we reviewed a few years ago. Art loved the performance of the VW995ES so much that
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June 6, 2021
Review of the Sony VPL-VW325ES a 1500 ANSI lumen 4K SXRD home theater projector & Sony's most affordable 4K projector.
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Sony Focuses on Four Key Elements to Deliver Industry-Leading Projection Picture Quality

June 5, 2021
Sony has just announced the most budget-friendly SXRD projector in their line-up, the new VW325ES 4K home theater projector.
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Sony HDR Projection Reimagined

December 1, 2020
In this article, sponsored by Sony, we explore the challenges of projecting HDR and how higher-end projectors utilize features and technologies to improve the picture quality of HDR content dramatically.
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Sony's Powerful Video Processing Delivers A Better HDR Picture

October 5, 2020
We discuss video processing and its impact on a projector’s SDR and HDR picture quality. Video processing separates one video display from another because it impacts so many factors like 4K upscaling, visual contrast, color reproduction, and motion performance.
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Sony VPL-VW715ES 4K SXRD Home Theater Projector Review

September 19, 2020
The VW715ES adds projector optimized X1 processing and Dynamic HDR Tone-mapping to an outstanding SDR and HDR picture.
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Sony VPL-VW915ES 4K SXRD Home Theater Laser Projector Review

September 8, 2020
The VW915ES retails for $19,999.99 making it the least expensive Sony 4K SXRD projector equipped with a laser light source.
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Sony Introduces Flagship 4K SXRD Laser Projector for Professional Applications

July 28, 2020
The VPL-GTZ380 is Sony's Flagship 10,000 Lumen 4K SXRD Laser Projector designed for professional applications.
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Sony VPL-VW695ES Review: The Native 4K Home Theater Projector With Premium Performance

March 23, 2020
Review of the Sony VPL-VW695ES, a native 4K projector under $10,000.
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The Newest, Smartest Laser Projectors From Sony Are Impressive: "Affordable Lasers" for Business, Classroom! Commercial Projectors for Auditoriums, Museums and Entertainment!

March 1, 2020
Greetings, projector professionals: AV managers, IT, tech coordinators, educators, presenters, and buyers. Sony, as one of the most recognized brands in the world obviously needs no formal introduction.  Their reputation for quality goes back to the late 1960's with their invention of the Trinitron
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2019 Holiday Guide To Seven Great Home Theater Projectors Under $2000

November 22, 2019
‘Tis the season to be shopping for your next home entertainment or home theater projector! Welcome to our annual shopping guide, the Holiday Guide for Seven Great Home Theater Projectors Under $2000. In this guide we’ve selected some great projectors for you to choose from, ranging from just under t
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2019 Holiday Guide To Five Great Home Theater Projectors Over $2000

November 22, 2019
Welcome to our Holiday Guide To Five Great Home Theater Projectors Over $2000. Here’s your chance to learn about some awesome projectors and screens that will change the way you enjoy movies, HDTV, streaming and more! You’ll find the scoop on a number of great home projectors at different price poin
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Sony VPL-FHZ75 Business/Education Installation Projector: Our First-Look Review of Key Features and Capabilities

October 15, 2019
The Sony VPL-FHZ75 is a highly capable business/education projector with a lot to recommend.
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Sony's VPL-VW295ES - The Only Native 4K Projector under $5K, Will Rock Your World - And There's More...

September 1, 2019
It is still less than one year since Sony announced their “entry level” but true, native 4K VPL-VW295ES home theater projector! A couple or so months later, when Sony started shipping we reviewed the Sony VPL-VW295ES home theater projector and awarded it a Hot Product Award.  I should also ment
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Sony's Exceptional Laser Projector Line-up: Mainstream and Affordable Models for auditoriums and classrooms, 4K Specialty Projectors for Simulation, Entertainment, more - and Great Picture Quality

July 1, 2019
In this featured article we take a look at Sony's extensive collection of laser projectors.
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Sony VPL-VW995ES Projector Review: Sony’s New Flagship: Expensive - But Awesome

January 21, 2019
The Sony VPL-VW995ES is a world class, native 4K home theater projector that won our Hot Product award.
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Sony VPL-VW295ES 4K Home Theater Projector Review

November 21, 2018
The Sony VPL-VW295ES is the least expensive, true, native 4K home theater projector, with a list price of $4999.99.
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Sony VPL-VW295ES 4K Home Theater Projector Review - Advanced Calibration

November 15, 2018
Sony VPL-VW295ES 4K Home Theater Projector Review – Advanced Calibration: CMS Calibration, Calibration Charts CMS Settings for Best Mode calibration – Reference Mode Reference Mode Pre-Calibration CIE 1976 Saturation Sweeps (target BT.709) Reference Mode Post-Calibration CIE 1976 Saturation Sweeps (
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Sony VPL-VW295ES 4K Home Theater Projector Review - Calibration Settings

November 15, 2018
Sony VPL-VW295ES 4K Home Theater Projector Review – Calibration Settings: Calibration Presets Notes, Best Mode Calibration, Brightest Mode Calibration & 4K/HDR Calibration Sony VPL-VW295ES Calibration Notes Note: The projector had over 60 Hours on the lamp before I calibrated it and took the lig
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Meet Sony’s VPL-VW295ES: The Only True Native 4K Resolution Projector Under $5000!

November 1, 2018
The Sony VPL-VW295ES the only true native 4K resolution projector under $5,000.
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Sony VPL-FHZ61 Commercial Laser Projector Review

September 28, 2018
The Sony VPL-FHZ61 is a WUXGA (1920x1200) 3LCD laser projector with 5,100 lumens.
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Sony VPL-VW385ES - True 4K Home Theater Projector Review

May 7, 2018
The Sony VW38ES is loaded with features: 4K with HDR, lens memory, dynamic iris, and a whole lot more.
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Sony VPL-EW435 Business and Education Projector Review

April 2, 2018
The Sony VPL-EW435 is a WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution business and education projector claiming 3,100 lumens.
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Two Holiday Guides, Ten Great Home Projectors

November 28, 2017
We have created two Holiday Gift Guides from our favorite projectors of this year, one for home theater projectors and screens under $2000, and one for those priced over $2000.
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Sony VPL-VW285ES 4K Home Theater Projector Review

October 26, 2017
The Sony VPL-VW285ES - a real 4K projector, and the first under $5000.
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Sony VPL-VW885ES 4K Home Theater Laser Projector Review

September 6, 2017
Full review of the Sony VPL-VW885ES, a true 4K projector that supports High Dynamic Range.
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Sony VPL-VZ1000ES Laser, True 4K, Home Theater Projector Review

June 27, 2017
The Sony VPL-VZ1000ES is a 4K ultra short throw home theater projector which claims 2500 lumen and a $24,995 list price.
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Sony LaserLite VPL-PHZ10 Laser Projector Review

April 13, 2017
The Sony VPL-PHZ10 is an affordable laser projector for business and education.
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Sony VPL-VW5000ES Home Theater/Commercial Projector Review

January 29, 2017
Sony's VPL-VW5000ES is one of the best 4K Home Theater projectors to ever go to market.
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Sony VPL-DW240 Projector - A Review

December 1, 2016
The Sony VPL-DW240 is a compact business or classroom projector that offers good performance combined with a reasonable set of features and it should be considered for those looking for a portable projector in the under $1000 category (i.e., $970 MSRP and a street price of n
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Sony VPL-DW240 Projector Review - Full Specifications

December 1, 2016
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Sony VPL-VW365ES 4K Home Theater Projector Review

November 26, 2016
The Sony VPL-VW365ES is the least expensive true 4K home theater projector currently available, at $9999 list price.
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HT Projectors: Sony VPL-HW45ES vs Epson HC5040UB

September 24, 2016
The Sony HW45ES is this year’s Best In Class: Performance, winner in the $1000 to $2000 class. The Epson HC5040UB is this year’s Best In Class: Best Value Proposition $2000 - $4000. The HW45ES is a great projector, the HC5040UB, costs more, but offers more.  For some, considering both projector
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Sony VPL-HW45ES Home Theater Projector Review

August 27, 2016
The Sony VPL-HW45ES offers great color and a bright picture which is for media rooms, and home theaters.
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Sony VPL-HW65ES Home Theater Projector Review

March 6, 2016
The "Evolution is Upon Us." Sony's VPL-HW65ES offers a number of improvements over the HW55ES - its rather excellent predecessor - which was a Best In Class award winner in last year's Best Home Theater Projectors report.  This projector is an evolutionary advance - nothing truly revolutionary
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Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Home Theater Projector Review

December 18, 2015
Sony's new VPL-VW665ES true 4K Projector is a "next gen" projector with outstanding black level performance.
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Sony MP-CL1 Pico Laser Projector Review

November 19, 2015
The Sony MPCL1 HD resolution pico projector is laser powered! Now that got my attention. Over the past couple of years, I’ve generally skipped bringing in pico projectors for review, choosing, instead to focus on the larger, brighter, heavier, yet still small, "pocket" class of projectors
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Sony VPL-FHZ65 Laser Projector Review

October 22, 2015
Sony's VPL-FHZ65 Laser Projector offers high performance and better value than earlier commercial laser projectors.
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Sony VPL-VW350ES Home Theater Projector Review

February 17, 2015
The VPL-VW350ES is the lowest cost true 4K projector to hit the market to date, at $9999 US.
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Sony VPL-VW1100ES 4K Projector - A Review

November 22, 2014
The VPL-VW1100ES is Sony's top of the line true 4K projector. Awesome viewing experience. 2D, 3D. Razor sharp, gorgeous color! optional 4K media player & download service. Want better, buy an IMAX theater!  
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