Maxell MP-TW4011 UST Interactive Laser Projector Review – Hardware

September 27, 2019 / By Nikki Zelinger

Maxell MP-TW4011 UST Interactive Laser Projector Review – Hardware: Overview, Inputs and Connectors, The Lens


The Maxell MP-TW4011 is a WXGA (1280x800) resolution, interactive classroom projector that can also be used for business applications, such as business presentations and training purposes. It features a laser light engine, 3LCD technology and an ultra short throw design. It measures 19.9 inches wide, 16.7 inches deep, and 5.5 inches tall, and weighs in at just 17.4 lbs.

The top of the Maxell MP-TW4011 houses the ultra short throw lens, the interactive sensor, and the simple control panel. Just behind the lens area is the “front” of the projector, which has an IR sensor for the remote control and a hot air exhaust vent on the right. On the right side, we have another hot air exhaust vent and the air filter, and on the left, more exhaust vents. The back of the projector has the inputs and connectors panel, as well as the speaker.

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Inputs and Connectors


The Maxell MP-TW4011 has excellent connectivity – all of the inputs and connectors you’ll need for your education or business applications. The projector is meant to be wall mounted, upside down, so the text describing each input is upside down. I have flipped this image for your convenience.

Starting at the left, there is an RS232c connector for old-school command and control, next to two VGAs – one for Computer In/Monitor Out, and one for Computer In only. Above that is a little door with a screw labeled “Finger Touch,” and some Component Video jacks to the right of that. Along the bottom, we have two HDMIs – one for MHL – and a USB Type-B input. There are a Sync In and a Sync Out port  above those HDMIs.

Next comes the LAN connector for a wired network connection, above a USB Type-A and a DC5V 0.5A port. The final section of the inputs and connectors panel, located to the right, has two Audio In jacks, and one Audio Out for connecting external speakers. That does it for the inputs and connectors panel – now for the lens.

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The Lens


The Maxell MP-TW4011 has an ultra short throw lens – it is fixed, and, as such, does not have an optical zoom. It does, however, have Digital Zoom, which works much in the same way that an optical zoom would on a standard or short throw projector, in that it expands or contracts the image with no clipping of the projected image. This will help with placement during installation. I have provided a lens throw chart below for your convenience.

Click the image to enlarge.
Click the image to enlarge.

This projector has a feature that isn’t too common on business and education projectors of this price point, and that feature is Powered Focus. I mentioned Powered Focus on the Special Features Page of this review, and I am quite a fan. It made focusing a breeze, and I am quite certain that those installing this projector will like it, too. The projector has an interactive camera for sensing the pen and finger touch functions while using the interactive features.

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