NEC NP-MC382W Projector Review – Hardware

July 1, 2019 / By Nikki Zelinger

NEC NP-MC382W Projector Review – Hardware: Overview, Inputs and Connectors, The Lens


The NEC NP-MC382W is a WXGA (1280x800) resolution, LCD lamp-based projector for business and education applications. Its compact size – just 13.6 inches wide, by 10.3” deep, and 4.1”  tall, and 7.1 lbs – make this projector extremely portable.

This is desirable for K-12 classrooms where teachers may be sharing the projector between rooms, or in office environments that require the projector to be moved from conference room to conference room. I would suggest this projector for the “road warrior,” or traveling presenter, who needs a light-weight, portable, very bright and very capable projector.

The front of the NEC NP-MC382W houses the lens, which is offset to the left, and has a plastic lens cap. Also on the front is the IR sensor for the remote control and three indicator lights. On the top of the projector, just behind the lens, are the lens controls. These are manual, and control zoom and focus.

Also on the top of the projector is the control panel, which is to the right of the lens controls when facing the lens, and the door to the lamp at the back of the projector. For your reference, the replacement lamp product number is NP47LP.

On the right side of the projector, we have the cool air intake vent, which houses the air filters. On the left, there’s the hot air exhaust vent. The back of the projector has all of the inputs and connectors, which I’ll go into detail about in the next section.

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Inputs and Connectors

The NEC NP-MC382W has all of the inputs and connectors you need for typical business and education applications.
The NEC NP-MC382W has all of the inputs and connectors you need for typical business and education applications.

The NEC NP-MC382W has good connectivity. Starting at the left, we have an Audio Out and an Audio In. This is good because I wasn’t particularly fond of the volume of the external speakers, but more on that on the Picture and Sound Quality page. Next to those inputs is the RS232c port for old-school command and control. Under that port is the Kensington Lock slot.

To the right of the RS232c port are dual HDMI inputs. Under HDMI 1, we have a Service port. Next to HDMI 2, to its right, is the USB port stacked on top of the LAN connector. Under that, there are inputs for old-school composite video. On the far right of the inputs and connectors panel, there are two VGA connectors – one for Computer In and one for Monitor Out.

The bottom line: The MC382W has everything you need for most business and education applications. The projector could even be used as a crossover projector, meaning it could be used for home entertainment. I wouldn’t choose it over one designed for home entertainment, but if you’re a road warrior or teacher who is purchasing their own projector for professional purposes, it may be something you want to take home on the weekends for a fun movie night.

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The Lens

The NEC NP-MC382W features a 1.20:1 zoom lens with manual lens controls for zoom and focus. I liked the zoom just fine, but I found the focus to be a little tight and difficult to move. Once installed, you won’t be using the focus much (unless you move the projector), so it’s unlikely to cause much irritation. The lens has a plastic cap attached to protect the lens from dust and scratches.

One thing I must say for the projector – the projected image is HUGE from about 10 feet back, which is the distance most standard throw projectors want to project from to fill a 100” screen. I had to have the zoom at full wide angle to fit on my 92” screen. I have provided a lens throw chart below for your reference.

NEC NP-MC382W Lens Throw Chart
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