NEC NP-ME331W Portable Projector Review

March 24, 2017

/ By Art Feierman

The NEC NP-ME331W is one of four similar models in NEC’s ME-series of portable projectors intended for business or education applications.  The NP-ME331, like the other three, is WXGA (1280x800) resolution. The other ME-series models include the NP-ME301W, NP-ME361W and the NP-ME401W.

All four of these ME-series models use 3LCD display technology and have a very similar physical appearance, but offer different brightness levels and at price points (MSRP) ranging from $629 (NP-ME301W) up to $949 (NP-ME401W).  NEC also offers another ME-series of projectors with model numbers ending with  'X" (e.g., NP-ME331X) which have similar features but offer lower XGA resolution in a 4 X 3 aspect ratio.

The NP-ME331W, being reviewed here, is a mid-level model in the ME-series of WXGA projectors that is priced at $699 and is specified to offer 3300 lumens of brightness, in its brightest picture mode.

The NEC NP-ME331W received our Hot Product award for its combination of a good feature set, very good color performance and a reasonable price.

A short video overview is available on our site featuring this projector, and can be viewed here.

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