NEC NP-PX1005QL Projector Review-Summary

July 30, 2019 / By Phil Jones

NEC NP-PX1005QL Projector Review Summary: Highlights, Value Proposition, Pros and Cons


The NEC NP-PX1005QL is a 10,000-lumen installation WUXGA projector with a laser/phosphor light source rated for 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. There is also a Constant Brightness mode to ensure that the PX1005UL delivers consistent looking imagery over the life of the projector.

The PX1005QL utilizes Texas Instruments latest DLP (0.66”DMD) chip to deliver native WQXGA (3840 x 2160) resolution. The projector can accept 4K@60P content via HDMI, DisplayPort or HDBaseT for increased clarity and detail.
Since the PX1005QL is a large venue installation class projector, it includes several features you would expect in a higher-end model including edge blending and geometric correction. Like other NEC PX Series projectors, the PX1005UL has power zoom and horizontal/ lens shift.

While the NEC NP-PX1005QL does not ship with a lens, for maximum flexibility it is compatible with a total of eight bayonet style lenses which allows for a throw distance range of 1.6ft to 183 ft.

The sealed optics and laser light source ensure years of maintenance free operation. Registered NEC PX1005QL owners receive a 5-year or 20,000 hours parts and labor warranty including InstaCare which is next business day exchange.

Value Propostion

The NEC PX1005QL is a great option for someone looking for a high brightness native 4K installation projector. It can reproduce far more detail than a comparable Pixel Shifting projector. It would be ideal for displaying video, artwork, photos and other images that requires a large amount of detail.

For example, the PX1005QL could be used to display highly detailed CAD images either in an architectural firm’s meeting room or in a classroom at an architecture school. The NEC PX1005QL even has multi-picture capabilities so you can display four separate 1080p images simultaneously.

Since it utilizes a DLP imager, it however cannot match the black level and native contrast of a good 3LCD projector. While you can find a few high brightness 3LCD installation projectors that offer 4K resolution, they cost much more than comparable native 4K DLP models. For example, a Sony 4K 3LCD laser projector with 8,000 lumens retails for $60,000 while a 4K DLP laser projector with 10,000 lumens, like the PX1005QL, cost about 1/3 of that amount.

The NEC NP-PX1005QL retails for $24,000. If you are looking for a 10,000 lumens projector at that price point you will have to choose between a Pixel Shifting 3LCD projector or a Native 4K DLP projector like the PX1005QL. If high resolution is one of your top priorities when looking for a flexible high brightness installation projector, you should definitely consider the NEC PX1005QL.


  • 10,000 lumens (color and white)
  • Long life laser light engine should reduce maintenance costs
  • Very sharp, 4K resolution ensure high readability of fine details and text
  • Edge Blending and Geometric Correction capabilities
  • Several out-of-the-box picture modes with reasonably accurate colors, as well as a very bright mode for use in situations where the extra light output is needed
  • Can be mounted at any angle for projection in alternatives to normal landscape mode
  • Excellent network support for control, monitoring, and multimedia presentation functions
  • DICOM Simulation mode allows this model to be useful for medical education purposes
  • Excellent connectivity capabilities including support for HDbaseT and 3G SDI
  • Support for Crestron Roomview, AMX Beacon, and PJ Link for connectivity and control
  • Multiple NEC projectors can be controlled and managed from a central PC using the free downloadable software
  • Suitable for applications requiring 24/7 operation


  • The remote control needs discrete buttons for Focus, Zoom and Len Shift
  • Black levels and contrast could be better
  • Colors are less saturated than a 3LCD laser projector
  • Fans are noisy (needs a quiet mode)
  • Lacks built-in wireless 
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