Optoma EH330UST Business/Education Projector Review – Hardware 2

February 26, 2019

/ By Nikki Zelinger

Optoma EH330UST Projector Review – Hardware 2: The Control Panel, The Remote Control, The Menus

The Control Panel

Optoma EH330UST Control Panel

The Optoma EH3330UST has a super simple control panel located on the top of the projector, near the front. At first glance, it has the typical three by three button configuration seen on most projectors. However, one of the “buttons” is actually another IR sensor, useful for when you’re presenting underneath it and need to use the remote control. That’s in the upper left hand corner.

In the upper right hand corner, there’s the Menu button. In the lower right, we have the Power button. The lower left hand corner has the Information button, which brings up the projector’s information. Four directional arrow keys surround the Enter button in the middle. Each of the arrow keys serves a dual function – the Up and Down Arrows control Keystone correction, while the Left Arrow brings up the Source Menu, and the Right Arrow is for Resync.

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The Remote Control

The EH330UST’s remote control is well laid out, and comes in a nice white to match the projector. No backlight, which is a bummer. We always love it here at Projector Reviews when a projector has a backlit remote. We will often include it in the Cons section of our Summary Page if the projector does not have a backlit remote. As always, I will discuss the remote control in sections.

The top section has a large red On button on the left, and a Mouse button on the right. The next section consists of three buttons: Display Blank/Audio Mute, Freeze, and Mute. Just below those buttons, on the far left, is the Left Click for the Mouse, opposite the Right Click. Below that are the buttons to navigate through the menus – the four directional arrow buttons and an Enter button.

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Below, there are three buttons: Page Up, Laser, and Page Down. I always thoroughly enjoy when a remote control has a laser, because I use it to play with my cats for a minute or two. It’s also hugely useful for when they decide to run amok during my review process. They hate when I take photos of these projectors. But, with the laser, I can run them off into another room and have some peace. While that’s not its main use, I do find it helpful. Under that, there are two pairs of buttons +/- Keystone Correction and +/- Volume.

The next section has all of the number keys, which all serve a dual function:

1: Aspect Ratio
2: Menu
3: 3D
5: VGA
6: Video
7: User 1
8: User 2
9: User 3
0: Brightness Mode

On either side of the 0 button, we have the Source and Resync buttons.

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The Menus

The Optoma EH330UST has 5 menus: Display, Audio, Setup, Network, and Information.

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