Optoma HD143X Home Theater Projector Review - Hardware 1

December 5, 2018

/ By Nikki Zelinger

Optoma HD143X Home Theater Projector Review – Hardware: Overview, Inputs and Connectors, Lens


The Optoma HD143X is compact, measuring just 12.5” wide, 9.75” deep, and 4.25” tall. Its small footprint and weight of only 6.75 lbs makes it portable enough to take in a carry on, pack up in a backpack, or simply move from room to room. It can be placed on a high rear shelf or ceiling mounted.

The projector does have a generous vertical keystone correction of +40 degrees to aid in installation/setup, but remember – keystone correction degrades the quality of the image, so it’s best to get the image as close to rectangular as possible when setting up, before correcting with keystone.

The front of the HD143X houses the lens with its manual focus ring and an IR Remote Sensor for the included remote control, as well as the hot air exhaust vent that wraps around to the left side and an easily adjustable front foot to control the elevation of the projected image. On the right side of the projector are the cool air intake vents.

The manual zoom control is located on the top of the projector, recessed and behind the lens. To its left, when looking at the front of the projector, is the lamp cover. Toward the back and behind the zoom control is the control panel, which has a typical configuration. The back of the projector has the inputs and connectors panel.

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Inputs and Connectors

Optoma HD143X Inputs and Connectors

The Optoma HD143X has a simple inputs and connectors panel, and I mean simple. Just two HDMI ports, as is typical of home entertainment and even of higher end home theater projectors, one of which is for MHL (streaming). To their right is a single USB Type-B port that allows you to connect a mouse to the projector. There is also a 3D SYNC Out for linking 3D glasses, next to two eighth inch inputs. There is the 12-volt trigger for wired remote control, and an Audio Out for connecting external speakers.


This Optoma is equipped with a modest 1.1:1 zoom ratio manual focus/zoom lens. This doesn’t provide a lot of placement flexibility, but it does give a bit more than a fixed lens, such as what is seen on your typical pocket projector (the HD143X is similarly priced to pocket projectors). Use the throw distance chart below to determine how far away from the projector should be setup to fill the full size of your screen.


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