Optoma ProScene ZU660 Projector Review – Hardware 2

September 14, 2018 / By Nikki Zelinger

Optoma ZU660 Large Venue Projector Review – Hardware 2: Control Panel, Remote Control, Menus

Control Panel


The control panel is located on the rear of the projector. It’s a small, rectangular area in the bottom left corner. In the upper left corner, you’ll find the Power button – tap it once, and the Optoma ZU660 comes to life. The next button to the right is the Menu button, which accesses the main menu. You’ll find an Exit button in the upper right of the control panel.

Next is the keypad which consists of an up arrow, a down arrow, a left arrow, a right arrow, and an Enter button in the center, used to navigate the various menus.

Below the keypad, there is an Auto button, which tells the projector to automatically synchronize to the input source. Next to the Auto button, there is an Input button, which is used to manually select the input source.

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Remote Control

The Optoma ZU660 is supplied with a very straightforward remote control. The keys are lit with a very bright blue backlight, which makes using the remote in dark environments a breeze. At the top, you have a bright green power ON button, and a bright red power OFF button. Below that, a standard 0-9 keypad in the same layout you would find on a phone. On the left of Zero, you will find the Info button, and to the right, you’ll find the Mode button.

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Beneath that are the Auto button and Input button, followed by the directional keypad with a large round Enter button in the center. Below the keypad is the Menu button and the Exit button.

Next, you’ll find four shortcut buttons for Gamma, Brightness, Contrast, and Picture-In-Picture.

Underneath that are four direction control buttons for Lens Shift, both horizontal, then vertical. To the right of the Lens Shift controls are the Focus controls. Next are the Keystone controls, both horizontal then vertical, and to the right of the Keystone controls are the Zoom controls.

The final row of buttons consists of Shutter (AV Mute), Hot Key and Pattern.

The Menus

That does it for our inspection of the Optoma ZU660's hardware! Next up is our discussion of the projector's picture and sound quality.

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