Optoma UHL55 4K UHD Home Entertainment LED Projector Review-Special Features

October 6, 2019 / By Dave Duncan

Optoma UHL55 4K UHD Home Entertainment LED Projector Review-Special Features:  4K UHD HDR Media player, Full 3D,  UltraDetail and PureMotion, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, Integrated lens cover, and Bluetooth.

4K Media Player

Picture UHL55 about media player

The Optoma UHL55 has an onboard media player that will deliver 4K UHD content with HDR support. The media player features the ability to play 1080p and 4K UHD HDR video files. It offers support for audio-only files and images. It even gives you the ability to play office documents and PDF’s. There is support for many different file formats and bit rates for both 4k and 1080 content.

Having the media player built-in really lets you take advantage of the all in one feature of the Optoma UHL55. You can easily set in on a table or bench in the back yard and enjoy a great summer movie night. You can also use the media player to loop through your favorite photos for a party display.

Optoma does offer an optional case and a carrying handle for the UHL55. You could use the internal viewer to display your latest presentation. Although, there are smaller. Lighter solutions for that. The capability is there should the need arise.

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professional photo - 3D effect
Optoma provided "scene" image - touting 3D.

Most LCD TV's have stopped providing 3D support. That's fair enough, 3D was never intended to work well on small screens.  It's an "immersion thing."  No surprise though that with most projectors, 3D is still around kicking in the Optoma UHL55 projector. Full support of all the major 3d formats will allow you to easily set up a fantastic 3d movie night. Using TI 3D capabilities, you can easily view the content using many active 3D glasses on the market. They deliver an experience as great as the movie theater. Often times better, because you have that best seat in the house. Although, of course, the active matrix 3D glasses we all use with projectors are heavier than the passive ones used in US movie theaters.

UltraDetail and PureMotion

Image Enhancement with Optoma UltraDetail

Optoma UltraDetail technology ensures that all the information contained in the image is reproduced by the UHL55 Projector. As the image is processed line by line making sure that the results are crystal clear and you see a pin-sharp picture. Using complex algorithms to detect each frame and improve sharpness before the frame is projected.

The UHL55 improves your image even more with PureMotion. Optoma PurMotion does an expert job of removing judder and other inherent issues from your video signal. Allowing you to watch an incredibly clear and smooth flowing image as it adds frames and removes skips.

This de-judder and de-blur technology adds a nice touch to the image. Just about all consumer displays projector or panel have some type of image processing to enhance the image.  They also like to create very high tech names to go along with their implementation of the technology.

Its important to know its in there. I do enjoy using it on very low levels. While it enhances the image, in high action scenes where there is a lot of motion, there will be a large amount of artifacts.  If you were getting ready to watch the big game, these are features I would turn off.

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Google Home and Amazon Alexa

Picture Amazon Alexa

The Optoma UHL55 4K UHD Smart Home Projector is compatible with your favorite smart home assistant. Using the Optoma Smart Home app, you can configure your Optoma UHL55 projector to respond to commands from Alexa or Google Home. Allowing you to control on/off, volume level, input selection, the Media player playback, image mode changes and more. All with the power of your voice.

Integrated Lens Cover

Protecting the lens is always important. If the projector lens becomes damaged or scratched you will see blurs and discoloration in the image. Optoma provides a fantastic solution. The lens cover and power switch are one. When you turn the projector off, via the switch as you slide to the off position you are closing the lens cover. This is a great feature to keep your lens secure and safe if you are porting it around the house or storing it for later use.


Bluetooth Picture

The UHL55 really takes advantage of Bluetooth. You have the ability to connect to the projector and use it as a speaker to play your music. You can also connect the Optoma to your stereo or external speaker using Bluetooth. Giving you the ability to wirelessly have it connected to your surround sound system.

The remote control for the UHL55 is also Bluetooth. Which is a great comfort not having to always point it at the rear of the projector. Being able to just hold the remote and press the buttons for control is a great luxury.

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Sound system UHL55

The quality of the speakers on the Optoma UHL55 is definitely a special feature. We are not talking about 1 speaker that sounds like a tin can. The Optoma UHL55 4k UHD smart home projector has 2 8w stereo speakers that will decode Dolby Digital audio. In my initial test, they sound great. As the projector is a quiet 28db, having those quality speakers, the movie is all you hear. They are very nice. When you are not projecting your favorite show, you could use the Bluetooth mentioned above and take advantage of these speakers by playing your favorite Spotify playlist.

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