Optoma ZU506T-W Professional Installation Laser Projector Review- Special Features

December 10, 2019

/ By Dave Duncan

Optoma ZU506T-W Professional Installation Laser Projector Review – Special Features: Laser Phosphor light source, HDbaseT, DICOM simulation, Lens Shift, 4 corner correction, Crestron RoomView & AMX Device Discovery.

Laser Phosphor Light Source

The great image of the Optoma ZU506T-W is powered by a familiar technology. While the use in projectors is new and exciting we have been using phosphor to light up our displays for decades.  Laser projectors are truly a great step forward for bright long-lasting products. When the laser was first introduced there were some snags. The lasers used were thought to be to strong and the FCC didn’t want the laser light leaving the projector lens.

The great minds in the Projector industry came up with a great solution. The banks of lasers are directed at a Phosphor color wheel. Hitting the color wheel the phosphor is excited and glows. This light then passes through a more traditional color wheel producing the brilliant images we see on the screen.  Very similar to how TV’s worked for decades.

This great solution allow the ZU506T-W to deliver 5000 ANSI lumens powered by laser diodes. The Phosphor color wheel and the traditional color wheel can be used to tune the light so we can gain even more benefits by creating more exact and rich colors.

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When you have a projector mounted on your ceiling, this can lead to the need of having a whole bunch of cables up there as well. You have the cable for the image, the one for sound, then you have network and control. This can lead to having a bunch of wired up by your projector. The Optoma ZU506T-W solves this with HDBaseT.

HDbaseT allows you to use 1 cable to deliver your image, sound, and control to the ZU506T-W projector. All delivered over 1 network cable. Optoma does offer an optional HDBastT transmitter to use for this solution. Getting the projector and the transmitter from Optoma will guarantee everything works like a top.

Connecting to the ZU506T-W using HDBaseT will allow you to go farther than with traditional cables. You can have distances of up to 300 feet using HDbaseT. That’s much much farther than you could get with an HDMI or VGA cable. This is a great feature of the house of worship or large conference rooms that need to run cabling some distance.

DICOM Simulation

DICOM Simulation

This feature is used to view medical images such as X rays, CT scans, MRI images, etc in the tone used to be able to read them in their monochromatic display.

4 Corner Correction

4 Corner Correction

Often times we have all seen projectors pointed at a wall and the image is a trapezoid, one side is really large and slopes down to the other. The text as well is bigger on one side and hard to read on the smaller end of the trapezoid. The Optoma ZU506T-W gives you all the adjustments you need to have a great looking image on just about any surface.

Four corner geometric adjustment allows you to easily start adjusting your image corner by corner. Giving you the ability to quickly square it up and make it even on both sides. The software in the projector does a great job of resizing the image so that it fits and looks very presentable. This is a great feature if you are rear projecting on an uneven surface, or perhaps you have to projector on a screen from an area left of center. The Optom ZU506T-W gives you a lot of simple flexibility to adjust it back to its native aspect ratio.

Crestron RoomView and AMX Device Discovery

The Optoma ZU506T-W has advanced networking features to be a part of your large scale deployment. If you are looking to easily manage your projectors over the network using solutions like Crestron Roomview or AMX Device Discovery, the ZU506T-W has them built-in.  This allows you to easily connect an RJ45 cable, make the ZU506T-W part of your network. Then by configuring the RoomView or Device Discovery options, you can control it with all of your other AV devices.

I used to know an AV engineer for a large company. He would joke about bringing 2 pairs of shoes to work so that at the end of the day, he could put his sneakers on. Then walk the 7 floors and make sure all the Projectors were powered down.

Using the advanced features in the ZU506T-W, there is no need for that. Easily make it part of your Crestron or AMX control system. You may even just use the embedded web page to control if you would like.

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