Optoma ZU506T-W Professional Installation Laser Projector Review- Summary

December 10, 2019

/ By Dave Duncan

Optoma ZU506T-W Professional Installation Laser Projector – Summary: Summary, The Competition, Pros, Cons


Optoma has delivered a very nice projector with the ZU506T-W. It has the size of a meeting room projector and the performance of an installation projector. With a street price of $2799, this will be an outstanding performer for your office, house of worship or education application. Offering 30,000 hours of life from its laser light source and a 3-year warranty with Optoma replacement. That is pretty hard to beat. Remember for most applications, this projector will last us over 10 years. Chances are you will need to upgrade because HDMI has gone the way of the Dodo, not because the Laser has gone out.

Great images for your conference room or classroom.

Great images for your conference room or classroom.


I must believe that there are a lot of integrators out there looking for their go-to projector to support all the upgrades that come their way. Millions of projectors that have been sold are sitting in conference rooms and dimly waiting to be upgraded. The 1.6x lens, lens shift, and fantastic connectivity make the ZU506T-W positioned as the one that can upgrade just about any meeting room and conference room installation. A laser phosphor light source is a great reason to upgrade your projector. It will give you years of performance.

The ZU506T-W has every input you could want. It has VGA, S-Video, and 2 HDMI inputs. Which is enough for most. Usually, you have 1 maybe 2 connections to a projector. This makes this Optoma a real contender for a lot of applications. Including 1 cable installs using HDBaseT. One network cable and power, and you are done. That is a clean and simple installation.

The Optoma U506T-W will light up a classroom and display content clear and bright.

The Optoma ZU506T-W will light up a classroom and display content clear and bright.


The Optoma ZU506T-W is a professional Installation projector, it has the connectivity for it and the optics. It also supports a few different color modes as we discussed. I believe if you keep the ZU506T-W on sRGB or Cinema you will be very happy with the performance. You could step it up to Presentation if you want some extra brightness. I was hoping for better color performance, but at the end of the day. It’s a business projector. It will dazzle your classroom and put a great image on the wall in your conference room.

The Competition

Optoma ZU506T-W v. Dell 7760

The ZU506T-W has some unique advantages over the Dell 7760.  While it may not have the same horizontal and vertical lens shift range it does have improved connectivity and audio performance. On the ZU506T-W you will have a broader range of connectivity options, including HDbaseT. You will also have vertical lens shift and the improved four corner geometric correction. As well as a power port to incorporate your favorite streaming device into your installation. 

Optoma  ZU506T-W V BenQLH770

The BenQ LH770 is a 5000-lumen laser projector.  However, it is almost 3 times as heavy as the Optoma ZU506T-W. You can have the same brightness in a package so much smaller.  The Optoma ZU506T-W also finds itself at an advantage with increased connectivity and stereo sound. Offering 2 HDMI and HDbaseT.  As well as an improved 1.6x zoom lens. 

Viewsonic LS800HD V Optoma ZU506T-W

The Optoma ZU506T-W comes out ahead, just barely with the  Viewsonic LS800HD. They both have comparable connectivity, The LS800HD having 1 more HDMI. The Warranties are also pretty close.  The Optoma shines as it has DICOM SIM mode. As well a 2 10W speakers for great audio performance. 


  • $2799
  • 3 Year 20,000-hour warranty, with 3-year Optoma exchange.
  • 5000 ANSI Lumens
  • WUXGA (1920x1200) with 4K support
  • Laser Phosphor light source with up to 30,000 hours of life.
  • Vertical Lens Shift, 1.6x zoom
  • 4 corner correction
  • RS232 for control system compatibility
  • Lan for network and Crestron RomView and AMX Device Discovery support
  • HDbaseT for 1 cable integrations
  • 1.6x zoom lens
  • Dicom simulation mode
  • Direct power on / Signal Power on
  • 2 HDMI, 2 VGA and great connectivity
  • USB A power for your streaming devices
  • Microphone input
  • Security password

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  • More lens shift range
  • More Better HDR performance
  • More Increased color saturation

The Optoma ZU506T-W is a great fit for your conference room, classroom and even some house of worship applications. It is a performer and for the price should deliver a great solution in a bunch of different situations.

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