Panasonic PT-MZ16KL Laser Projector Review - Performance

May 15, 2020

/ By Phil Jones

Panasonic PT-MZ16KL Laser Projector Review – Performance: Brightness, Black Level and Shadow Detail, Audible Noise


The PT-MZ16KL is listed as a 16,000 lumens projector. I took 3-4 readings about 15-20% out from the center of the lens which usually gives a pretty good approximation of ANSI lumens. At full wide angle I measured the PT-MZ16KL in its brightest picture mode which is DYNAMIC with LIGHT POWER set to “Normal”.

Panasonic PT-MZ16KL Brightness: 16,107 Lumens

At wide zoom, Dynamic mode.

The PT-MZ16KL measured 16,107 lumens which is above Panasonic’s brightness claim. I usually measure and list the brightness for all the video modes however my raw measurements were misplaced before the ANSI lumens could be calculated. Unfortunately, we had already sent the projector back to Panasonic, so I didn’t get the opportunity to remeasure the unit.

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Panasonic only lists the dynamic contrast of the PT-MZ16KL which is a claimed 3,000,000:1, but the PT-MZ16KL native contrast appears to be pretty good as well. The fact that the PT-MZ16KL’s laser engine’s output brightness can be precisely modulated really helps the black level when viewing darker scenes.

While a good home theater projector can deliver better black levels and shadow detail, the PT-MZ16KL produced deep enough blacks for most education or business applications.

Since this projector is not intended for use in a completely dark room anyway, the ability to produce super deep blacks would not be missed. In addition, the 16,000 lumens of brightness combined with rich colors and good contrast really made video images pop, especially in spaces with some ambient light.

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The PT-MZ16KL produces 32db in QUIET Mode and 38db in NORMAL (Highest Power Mode) This noise level is pretty low for a 15,000+ Lumens business projector. It is quiet enough that it would not be distracting in a large assembly hall or auditorium.

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