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The Bright Room/Living Room Projectors category features projectors that perform well in bright room, living room and media room environments – that is, any room that is not a dedicated home theater with excellent lighting control. These projectors come from a variety of different manufacturers, with many different features and resolutions.

So what qualifies as a “bright room projector”? These are projectors that can produce a high-quality image with good color at 2,000 lumens and up. There are newer ultra short throw projectors that are specifically designed for bright room/living room setups, some of which are included in the slider below. We will be creating a Bright Room/Living Room Projector Comparison Report once we get to review enough of the announced UST projectors suitable for these environments.

A projector does not have to be ultra short throw to be a bright room projector, however. There are plenty of standard throw projectors (and even short throw projectors) that are up to the task. And, paired with the right screen – an ambient light rejecting screen (ALR) – many of these projectors can be as bright as an LCD TV, even in broad daylight.

Keep in mind that there are ALR screens for each type of projector – a UST projector will not fare well against a screen that is designed for a normal throw projector. This is due to the way the screen is designed to reject the ambient light – often angled from above and below, and each side.

Because a UST projector projects upward, inches away from the screen, an ALR screen designed for a standard throw projector will mistake the light from the UST projector as ambient light. There are a number of ambient light rejecting projector screens designed specifically for ultra short throw projectors.

Whether you decide on a standard throw, short throw, or ultra short throw projector, pairing the projector with its appropriate ALR screen will help keep your image bright and vibrant, even when your windows are open on a sunny day. Check out the reviews below to determine which projector is right for your bright room, living room, or media room, and for your particular home entertainment needs.

Bright Room/Living Room Projector Reviews

What to Look for in a Bright Room/Living Room Projector 

There are several things to consider when searching for the right projector for your bright room, living room, or media room:

  • Projector Brightness
  • Resolution
  • Overall Picture Quality
  • Projector Lamp Life
  • What Features You Need (Gaming, 3D, CFI for Sports, etc.)
  • Warranty and Support
  • Best ALR Projector Screen Solution For the Room

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