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To understand digital signage projectors it’s important first to understand what digital signage refers to. Fortunately the terminology itself is very self explanatory. In the broader sense, digital signage is using Digital content for signs. What are some examples? That’s easy: restaurants use digital signage to display menus. Makes It easy for them to update on their computers. Museums use “digital signage.” Many museum displays are just that, and Digital signage is growing by leaps and bounds in education and museum type applications. Digital signage might be advertising projected on the side of the skyscraper. Digital signage is huge, and projectors are one of the key display technologies used. LCD panels are fine for small applications, but you can’t beat projectors for large, as long as there is some reasonable lighting control.

Projectors with laser light engines have made projection based digital signage practical. Their long life light engines do not have to be changed like short light lamps. They maintain color and brightness for years. Better still, multiple projectors can be combined to create one large or super large image using techniques known as edge blending. Digital signage can be used in retail another applications to highlight products using a technique known as a projection mapping. Consider digital signage projection to be one of the fastest-growing projector segments.

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