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The portable projectors category includes the latest in portable projectors that are ideal in terms of portability and convenience. Scroll down for a list of our most recent portable projector reviews and more.

Portable projectors are convenient on-the-go solution and are becoming more advanced every day. Practical uses include classic presentations such as PowerPoint and multimedia presentations including videos and sound. Enjoy pictures, videos, and browing the internet from a large projection rather than a small display screen. Portable projectors are now exploring the realm beyond presentation, including gaming, 3D and mobile device integration.

If it is more than 10 lbs., it is not really a portable projector by today’s standards. Granted, this doesn’t mean that you won’t choose a projector weighing 13 lbs., but it does mean that most portable projectors currently weigh 3-8 lbs.

Portable projectors typically weigh under 10 lbs.

The lightest portable projectors are Pico projectors – they typically weigh less than one pound and are about the size (give or take) of a pack of cigarettes. They are definitely the least bright projectors almost all with less than 100 lumens. They are limited in use, need a really dark room to do a good job on a small screen – say 40 inches, but are the ultimate in portability.

Pocket projectors are the next size up, and like Pico Projectors tend to have LED light sources. These weigh from roughly 1 lb. to about 4 pounds and are mostly 300 – 700 lumens with the brightest hitting 1000 lumens (2015). These are becoming more and more practical each year.

The vast majority of portable projectors, though, are lamp based projectors weighing in from about 3 pounds to 10 pounds and offering from 2000 to 5000 lumens!

A few Portable projector brands: 3M, LG, InFocus, and Epson.

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NEC M363W Projector Review
November 16, 2015

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