Ultra Short Throw Projectors

For those not familiar UST stand for Ultra Short Throw: These projectors typically sit 4-8 inches back from the screen, thus the “ultra short throw”.

Those UST projectors used for business and education are typically wall mounted above the screen, while those used at home will sit on a table or credenza just below the screen. Recently the vast majority of these were being used in classrooms, while others end up in high-end corporate boardrooms and the like. The key benefits are light from the projector does not blind the educator or business presenter. Also, installing screen and projector on one wall saves money compared to a ceiling installation.

In the home, UST projectors offer the advantage of being in front of the viewer, people cannot walk through the picture and it is an optimal position for gamers, and also projectors with built in speakers put the sound right in front of the viewer/listener.

In the past 2 or 3 years, we’ve started to see Ultra Short Throw projectors enter the home space. Approximately 2 years ago HiSense introduced a projector system they called their Laser TV which even included a 100″ screen in the package. Now however, a number of companies have announced Ultra Short Throw projectors for home entertainment and home theater. A significant number of home oriented UST projectors are coming from brands including LG, (the HU85LA just reviewed) as well as projectors from Optoma, VAVA and more. Epson launched their first home UST projector a couple of years ago – but not 4K capable. Many of those announced for this first big wave will be very popular in 2020 and beyond.

The UST projector revolution is upon us!!!

Ultra Short Throw Projectors - UST Reviews

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