The 2017 Best Home Theater Projectors Report

September 2, 2017 / By Jennifer Stringfellow

Welcome to the 2017 Best Home Theater Projectors Report, a guide designed to help you find the home theater projector that's right for you. We've made some major changes to this year’s report, making some new additions and cutting out some old.

For example, we are not looking at “standard” lamp-based projectors with less than 1080p resolution in this report. Sure, we know that plenty of lower resolution 720p (and some lower) are still sold, and are the bulk of the under $500 market, but we have the ability to review only so many projectors a year (we do business and education projector reviews too). We never review enough of the lower resolution lamp-based ones to do real comparisons.

But – for a twist, we’re going to consider lower resolution Pico and Pocket projectors in this report, primarily because there are still too few 1080p ones. I was hoping to have enough “pocket” LED projectors this year for it to have its own category, but since we didn’t, they're included in this report. We are scheduling a Pocket LED Projector Comparison Report for October/November of this year (2017), as we have three more Pocket LED projectors to review.

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