Best Home Theater Projectors Report 2013

March 1, 2013 / By Jennifer Stringfellow
Note from the Editor: Greetings! We will be releasing our brand new "Guide to Buying the Right Home Theater Projector for You." This guide will be more viewer-centric than product-centric, and will be a great asset during projector shopping! -art Another year, another Home Theater Projector Report based on our projector reviews.  Last year I started off by saying it was an exciting year.  This year, not so much, although there are definite bright spots.  For many brands, we saw projectors refreshed with new model numbers and some improved (or new) features, but fewer all new projectors or those with major redesigns this year. Although there are new things and new features each year, we continue to see more home theater projector manufacturers switching to two year model cycles.  For that reason, many projectors spoken of within these pages were in last year's report as well.  No matter!  The important thing is that today, there are better projectors available than last year, in every price category, from sub-$1000, up to $20,000+.  A new, better projector, and projector value, awaits you when you are ready to pull the trigger. A brief note on Projector Reviews' review philosophy. True, we do a lot of measuring, calibrating and reporting on those numbers, but when it comes to picking the winners, things get pretty subjective, we don't add up points, for lots of categories.  More, it's based first on the viewing experience, performance/features which includes brightness..., and overall value proposition.  That viewing experience, though has to be subjective, and it is perhaps the key component. Let the games begin!
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